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How To Quickly Recognize And Take Care Of CrossFit-Related Injuries

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CrossFit is a workout form that is growing widely popular. With numerous celebrities, weight training experts, and athletes vouching for its benefits, it is no wonder that numerous people worldwide are joining the bandwagon too. And why not? The exercises in CrossFit tend to mimic our everyday actions like squatting, pulling, pushing, etc., which make it easy to build as a workout routine.

Due to being a high intensity workout, it differs from the traditional exercises and helps you strengthen individual parts of your body. Besides helping you improve your physical strength, it also enhances your aerobic fitness, agility, balance, and flexibility. And when you couple it with the right diet, you could manage your weight seamlessly. However, there are a few disadvantages to this workout form too.

The Injuries

Shoulder injuries are one of the common injuries among CrossFitters. One of the main causes for this is the nature of gymnastic movements involved in the CrossFit exercises. Among various shoulder injuries, rotator cuff injury is the most common occurrence, and this causes a lot of shoulder pain. Other common injuries occur in the shoulder region.

They are subluxation and dislocation. The main difference between subluxation and dislocation is that subluxation can be defined as a partial dislocation. It is equally painful as a dislocation, but the only saving grace is two bones that form a joint are still in contact with each other.

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Although there are many benefits from CrossFit workouts, it is not a workout for everyone. These workouts are particularly intense and are not for the faint-hearted. There is a certain standard of fitness and age that one must possess. Otherwise, these workouts are not only intense but will also be painful. CrossFit workouts can prove to be dangerous even for those with weight lifting/resistance training experience.

It is also known that the other injuries that CrossFit enthusiasts suffer are similar to Olympic athletes who are into weight lifting, gymnastics, and powerlifters. A fact that is also not well received by people who practice CrossFit is they sustain more injuries than rugby players. This must give a fair idea about why supervision is necessary for CrossFitters.

Exercising Caution

While doing CrossFit workouts, participants are prone to injury if left unattended and unsupervised during their workouts. Many people suffer various types of injuries ranging from a sprain to dislocation. Some of the body parts that are injury-prone while doing CrossFit workouts are shoulders, spine, and lower back.

All these shoulder injuries can be avoided if proper strengthening exercises are done targeting the right areas. And if the emphasis is given to the workout form so that patrons do not exert strain on themselves.

Treating An Injury

Lower back injuries are also part of the injuries that are caused due to CrossFit. These are caused due to improper lifting of heavyweights and the activity of Olympic powerlifting, which forms an integral part of various CrossFit exercises. While doing these exercises, patrons inadvertently risk the probability of hurting their hip flexors. If the hip flexors are damaged, they will eventually lead to stiffening of muscles. Stiff muscles, in turn, become the root cause for recurring back pains.

Lower back injuries immediately sound a false alarm, and fitness enthusiasts panic as they feel lower back pain will be a hurdle in their fitness journey. One needs to stay calm and stay mobile without straining. Only this can help in improving the situation of the person and his/her confidence. It is also advisable to visit a physical therapist and a massage therapist to help in healing your pain and re-aligning your fitness goals keeping in mind the condition you have.

There are two most important takeaways regarding lower back pain and its treatment. Firstly, the tightness you feel while recovering is due to a phenomenon called neurological guarding. Essentially, this means that your body tightens up the muscles around that particular area to prevent further injury. This is only a side effect of the injury, and your body will eventually calm down as the pain subsides and the tissue begins to desensitize. Secondly, while on the road to recovery, it is common to experience pain. We must see this pain as a blessing in disguise as it is a clear indicator of movements. The pain will help identify which of the movements are not painful and which of the movements are painful. This will help in exercising caution while limping back to mobility.

The Pros Outweigh the Cons

CrossFit activities are a big hit globally, both among trainers and practitioners. This can be attributed to the fact that most of these exercises do not involve expensive machinery. They can be done with things that are available in a common household. They can be practiced anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. These activities also help in building trust and camaraderie among the participants. This bond also acts as a driver among participants to make this a routine. And it helps them along their fitness journey.

One must think carefully before taking up CrossFit as it involves immense physical activities and calls for dedication and regular workouts. Also, as mentioned above, CrossFitters are highly injury-prone, and they must always work with a trainer to ensure that they do not succumb to injuries and are on their fitness journey with proper guidance. Many studies have shown that a trainer or a trainer’s guidance while doing CrossFit workouts dramatically decreases the chances of injury. Another important reason to have a trainer is it helps in maintaining proper form, and trainers regulate the exercises while being performed. This, in turn, dramatically decreases the chances of injury.

In Conclusion

Make sure you exercise caution while on your CrossFit journey. It would always help to have a training partner and professional guidance to office unfavorable incidents. And with all the precautions in place, a strong, healthy, and happy body would no longer be a distant dream. So, are you ready to try CrossFit? Do let us know in the comments section.

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