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Exercising And Weight Loss: Is It The Only Thing You Need To Lose Fat?

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A Weight Loss Journey is ‘No Vacation’

Though many sources claim easy and quick methods to lose weight, the whole journey towards weight loss is not an easy one. It involves a lot of commitment. It requires discipline from constantly reaching out for treats that help us calm down emotionally. However, it is advised that sometimes people should feel free to enjoy a celebratory dinner or goodies without feeling guilty about it. 

To lose fat, exercising definitely plays a vital role. Even moderate exercises like brisk walking,  which is of low intensity can help you see some results. When you are working out regularly through exercises or any physical activity, you will be successful in losing weight as well as keeping off the excess weight from returning. Not only does it have good physical benefits but also improves mental health. A disciplined and well-planned exercise regime is absolutely crucial for weight loss.

Though you can start physical activity at a slower pace and low intensity, you can eventually increase the intensity as you gain more strength and endurance. Just like keeping track of your food intake is important for your weight loss journey, the same is also applicable for workouts. Keep track of the hours, weight loss, and measurements of your body as you slowly progress. This will be helpful to understand which exercises work best for and at the same time be a motivational factor. 

Fun Exercises That Help You Burn Fat Fast

Yes, there are actually exercises that can help you burn fat faster and are fun too. Nothing is more discouraging than monotonous fitness regimes that eventually can lead you to give them up completely.

Brisk Walking

This is one of the calmest physical activities that you can do to help you lose weight. You can go down for a walk with your dog or friends or sometimes even by yourself. The ease of this activity makes it the most convenient and easy way to start for beginners who want to exercise but don’t know where to start. Also, it is easy to fit in at any time of the day at your convenience with absolutely no investment. You can go for an early morning walk or in the evening. While you are it, ditch the elevator at your work or home and take the stairs. There’s always room to add more steps towards your fitness goals. 

Jogging or Running

Once you have added walking as a routine in your lifestyle, start increasing the intensity by going for a quick run or jog. Remember, how much fun running was when you were a child! Running can help you lose that stubborn belly fat too. Belly fat is known to cause chronic illnesses related to the heart and diabetes. This type of activity too can be done at any time without any equipment. However, care should be taken to wear the right kind of shoes for running as you could hurt your ankle. Running or jogging on softer grounds like grass can cushion your joints more if you find running on hard grounds difficult. 


If you find the stationary bike at the gym boring or monotonous, you can easily choose to opt for outdoor cycling. This is a more popular choice for many people who wish to lose fat yet enjoy the process. This allows you to calm down and be relaxed as you enjoy the views or go exploring new places on your bike. You can reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancer by cycling regularly. As you can adjust the intensity through gear shifters on your bike, this activity is great for people who are beginners and of any age group. 


Swimming is an activity that is enjoyed by all age groups. As swimming is a full-body workout, it helps you lose fat easily, specifically belly fat. It provides a good source of cardiovascular workout for all age groups. Swimming also has the same benefits as an aerobic workout as it helps strengthen the heart muscle. It is also relatively easier on your joints as 90 percent of your body weight will be supported by water. By enhancing your strength as you use different strokes, you can work out longer and lose more weight. 

Other Factors That Can Help You Lose Fat

Exercising is definitely the key element to losing fat. However, there are some tips you can follow to enhance the effects of your fitness regime and reach your fitness goals faster

Consume More Proteins

Proteins make you full faster, reduce hunger and that helps you eat fewer calories. Eating proteins for breakfast will help you lose your belly fat faster. The higher your protein intake, the faster you will lose your belly fat. You can get proteins by consuming fish, poultry, milk, and lean meats. This can also help you lose overall weight. Foods that are rich in protein also help improve your metabolism which when worked efficiently can help lose weight. More calories are burnt when you have a healthy metabolism rate. Protein shakes are a popular choice for many people who want to lose weight and body fat. It’s an ideal pre-workout drink.  

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking water has many beneficial effects. It keeps us hydrated so we can perform our daily activities without fatigue. It helps with weight loss too. Drinking water before meals can help you eat less which will help you lose weight. It suppresses your natural appetite. When you increase your water intake you also increase Lipolysis. The process through which our body burns fat for energy is called Lipolysis. Drinking water also helps improve the metabolism rate. This in return can boost the number of calories your body burns even while resting. Replacing sugary drinks with water is a sure way of losing body fat as well as maintaining a fit physique in the long term. 

With so many options and methods available for losing body fat, it is easy to get carried away and try different ones. Some exercises, foods, or supplements may not be the best choice for you. If you are already on a type of medication, new supplements can dampen their effects. Seek expert guidance before you start your journey towards losing that fat for good. This will ensure you have a long-term plan which will strategically help you achieve your fitness goals. 

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