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Healthy Ways to Stay Fit For The New Year

Healthy Ways

Here comes a new year. Again. Time to promise to get in shape and feel great. Getting fit is the number one resolution every year and the first to get broken. What we need are baby steps. There’s no need to turn getting in shape into a long, sweaty process. Here are healthy ways to stay fit for the New Year.

Exercise Daily

An hour a day is a sound strategy. But it doesn’t have to be a long, sweaty hour. Low-intensity workouts or other moderate forms of physical activity can help you get in shape. A brisk half-hour walk. Ten minutes three times a day on a bike or treadmill. Stretches, pushups and crunches/sit ups help. Do push ups during commercials. The more you motivate yourself to do something, the better you’ll feel and the more effort you’ll put into it.

Get Sleep

Getting eight hours of sleep doesn’t mean you’re recharging your body’s batteries effectively. It’s why we tire periodically during the day. It’s okay to take small naps during the day, but limit them to 30 minutes. Too much sleep can drain energy as much as not getting enough.

Portion Meals with the Right Foods

Sweets won’t help you get in shape. If you’re looking to stay fit, stick to vegetables and fruits. Green vegetables clean the digestive system. An apple can give a full feeling for up to four hours. Stick to lean meats and seafood. That’s protein with healthy nutrients. And portion appropriately. A good metabolism is a result of portioning. Eat six small meals daily instead of three. Develop a program that leaves less food in your body and you’ll lose weight and have more energy to exercise.

Eat Breakfast Every Morning

This gets its own section because a healthy breakfast is one of the best ways to stay fit. It gives you the energy for optimal physical and mental performance. A well-balanced breakfast maintains good weight and stable blood sugar levels. It greatly diminishes overindulging later in the day (which we will do if we’re hungry).

Supplement Your Diet

Talk to your doctor or a nutritionist about your New Year intent and ask him if there are any vitamins or other supplements you can take. There are a wide variety of protein products, some plant based protein powder. There’s antioxidants, chondroitin and turmeric. There’s fish oil and multivitamins. Before doing anything, you must talk to a specialist. The stores are overwhelmed with supplements and most serve no benefits.

Reduce Stress

We give up on the idea of staying fit, but many of us do so because our lives weigh on us and we drift. We have no concept for managing stress, even when exercise is a great destresser. Take time for yourself every day. Ten minutes at the office, 30 minutes at home. Enjoy your hobbies, be around loved ones, meditate and alleviate the toxic effect of stress in your life.

To find healthy ways to stay fit for the New Year, find consistency and balance. Make changes one at a time in your daily life until you reach your goals.

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