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Fitness Enthusiasts: Preserving Male Fertility

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Reproduction is one of those vital processes stimulated by Mother Nature that ensures the continuation of life and generations. The process involves the active and healthy participation of both the male and the female reproductive cells. An important thing to remember, however, is that to successfully impregnate a female, both the partners must be healthy and active. This is where training regimes like CrossFit and functional fitness can assist.

However, over time due to certain habits and issues, the male reproductive system might weaken, and the male may not reproduce. That instills a sense of shame and reduces the levels of confidence in a person. Thus we will be highlighting some crucial factors and tips that must be followed to ensure the male remains fertile and sexually competitive.

1. Include Antioxidants in your diet and see the magic

Antioxidants are commonly referred to as cancer and heart disease fighters, but they may also boost male fertility. Researchers discovered that males who took antioxidant supplements had minor DNA damage in their sperm than men who did not take antioxidant supplements. In addition, when males took more antioxidants, their chances of getting pregnant increase. Foods enriched in antioxidants are labeled as follows:

  • Folic acid may be found in beef liver, leafy green vegetables, fruits, beans, peas, and fortified grains
  • Vitamin C may be found in citrus fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamin E may be found in nuts and oil
  • Zinc may be found in fish, chicken, and seeds

2. Consume genuine medicinal products for your health issues

Doctors highly recommend genuine medicinal products in curing any medical issue as fake products yield severe side effects that may pose a threat to other vital organs present in the human body. The reproductive system is quite critical and sensitive. Any sort of fake medicinal products for treating any impairment and medically dire conditions might pose threats to the male reproductive organ, such as erectile dysfunction and lack of sexual stimulation. Considering the rise in fake and duplicate medical products, many online pharmaceutical platforms have come into action with the motto of providing genuine and discounted products. One such online pharmacy is the PricePro pharmacy, an accredited online pharmacy serving its customers in the most optimum way. Visit their website and order your products at discounted rates

3. Flex and stretch your muscles

Men are advised to exercise and stretch their muscles and bones regularly since it reduces stress, improves self-esteem, and enhances their long-term health. While being physically active is fruitful, unanimous research suggests that highly rigorous exercise and a severe training plan in men, such as triathletes and marathon runners, may harm their fertility.

4. A healthy diet is a must.

Although the relationship between nutrition and fertility is not well understood, data suggests that a well-balanced, healthy diet improves male fertility. What’s best for your sperm is likely to be the most beneficial for your entire body. Opt for lean protein foods such as fish and chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats such as olive oil and nuts, and whole grains.

5. Watch out for smoking.

There are various reasons to quit smoking to enhance your health, including the possibility of improving your fertility. Even if you’re undergoing reproductive treatments, you might want to try to quit smoking. Researchers discovered that in couples who used IVF with ICSI fertility treatments, smoking had a significant negative impact on treatment outcomes. The fertility of a female spouse can be affected by a man’s smoking habits. According to research, women who are exposed to secondhand smoke had lower IVF success rates. And they may have a higher chance of miscarriage.

6. Watch out for chronic diseases.

Infections and medical disorders can also influence fertility. Untreated hyperglycemia, for example, can cause infertility by producing retrograde ejaculation. One-third of patients with diabetes are unaware of their condition. Ask your doctor about having your blood sugar analyzed if you’ve been diagnosed with retrograde ejaculation. Infertility in men may result from an untreated infection of the reproductive system or urinary tract. Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs), for example, might impair sperm motility. Repeated infections might result in scarring, which can obstruct the flow of sperm.


Hence, maintaining your fertility follows the set of rules mentioned above and living a successful and healthy life with your partner.

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