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Effective Hacks To Upgrade Your Training And Increase Your Muscle Mass

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This article is for all of the frustrated and unhappy gym-goers. You know who you are; you’re a member at your local gym but still can’t seem to get that perfect body or achieve muscle mass goals. Well, It’s not too late! There are some straightforward ways to upgrade your training and increase muscle mass in just weeks through these hacks. If you’re tired of being stuck on the same plateau, then this is for you.

1. Get Enough Sleep 

Rest is of essence to a muscle-building routine. Sleep helps your body release natural human growth hormone, which is essential for repairing and building new muscles.

Despite what you may think, sleep is not a time for your body to recover from the day’s activities. The majority of restorative processes in our bodies happen during deep REM sleep, which occurs only when we are in bed and relaxed. This means that it won’t matter how many hours of training you do if you don’t get enough sleep at night.

Therefore, try to go to bed before 11 pm so that your muscles have ample opportunity to repair themselves throughout the night while also allowing yourself some time for relaxation once asleep.

2. Get a Weight Bench

Among the top things, you’ll need to start gaining muscle is a bench: that’s right, without one of these bad boys, your workout will be less effective! It’s easier to source the best weight bench in the market today. They can vary in price depending on how fancy or not-so-fancy you’re looking for. It’s recommended that you opt for something more affordable if money is an issue as this should last you much longer than buying a cheaper version which could break after just months.

This piece of equipment allows you to do things like chest presses with dumbbells (a great way to build up those arms!) and even lay back and perform some triceps dips too. Get your hands on one of these, and you’ll be well on the way to some seriously sexy-looking muscles.

3. Eat Protein-rich Foods after Training

What you eat after you work out is almost as important as what you eat before. Post-workout nutrition provides a perfect opportunity to refuel, repair, and rebuild your muscles. Protein helps with all of that because it’s the building block for muscle tissue. If you’re looking to gain weight or build more muscle, make sure to have protein at every meal and snack (and after each workout).

Research shows that eating about 25 grams of protein will help maintain lean body mass while losing fat—which means less risk of loss in hard-earned strength, power, speed, or endurance. You’ll also be able to train longer without feeling worn down by tiredness. And when you think about how much time athletes spend training on top of schoolwork, jobs, and other activities, it’s essential to make sure that you’re getting the nutrients your body needs for recovery.

4. Take Supplements


Supplements are vital for athletes to build muscle mass and a heap can be found at muscle nation. They are a fantastic way of ensuring that you’re not going off your diet and keeping yourself on track with what you need to take every day. It’s also great because it means that all the hard work is done before breakfast as soon as you wake up!

Some of the supplements that you ought to consider getting are creatine and whey protein powder. Creatine is a natural amino acid that helps regenerate ATP during intense workouts; it’s also beneficial for people who want to maintain muscle mass after competition season starts because it helps with the breakdown of carbohydrates in your body. On the other hand, whey protein powder is very effective at building lean muscle and assisting athletes to recover more quickly from injury or illness than if they were eating food alone. Consider adding a Urolithin A supplement to your regimen to optimize muscle health and recovery. While creatine and whey protein powder play crucial roles in muscle maintenance and recovery, Urolithin A offers a unique approach by enhancing cellular recycling processes known as autophagy.

5. Lift Heavy Weights During your Workouts

To gain more muscle mass, you’ll need to lift heavy weights during your workouts. It would be best to lift anywhere from 75% of your max weight up to 100% of it.

It’s essential that most of these lifts are done in a compound movement (think bench press, squat, or deadlift), as opposed to isolation movements like bicep curls. This is because compounds work more muscles at once and are generally more rigid on the body, meaning they also promote fat loss much better than isolations do!

6. Add An Extra Day To Your Workout Routine

If you want to build muscle quickly, add an extra day or two to your current workout routine – this will give your body enough time between workouts so that there is sufficient recovery time needed before the next workout session. This also means that every other day should be rest days where no exercise takes place; only light stretching and yoga can take place here.

7. Drink Plenty of Water 

Water is essential for your body’s functions and to keep you feeling energized.

Drinking a lot of water will also give the illusion that your stomach is bigger, which can help with weight loss efforts because it tricks the brain into believing there is more food there than there is.

Water has no calories, so drink up! To encourage drinking water, it will be best if you got a wide-mouth workout water bottle and keep refilling it.

8. Customize your Workout Routine

If you are looking to add muscle mass, then you need to work on your training routine. You can start by customizing the exercises that will help hit muscles in different ways, such as using a bench press for the chest instead of doing push-ups or single-arm presses for biceps and triceps. Changing how many reps are done can also be an effective way to make it more challenging – so don’t forget about this option!

The key is to have variety in your workouts while still keeping them structured enough to see results over time.

Check out these tips if you’re looking for ways to get more muscle while also training smarter. Whether through the use of supplements or just some minor changes in your routine and diet, several hacks can help achieve better results easier than ever before! 

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