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How to Prevent Osteoarthritis After Knee Injury

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Osteoarthritis is quite common. Experts estimate more than half of all Americans will have this condition as they age. If you’ve had a knee injury, you can take steps to ward off the possibility of developing it.

Weight Control

Maintaining an ideal weight is imperative when it comes to your overall health. It is also important when it comes to your knees. An injury can force you to put weight on this part of your body. That can further increase the possibility of additional injury. If you are overweight, now is the time to take a close look at your personal diet options. 

Reducing your weight can decrease the pressure on your knees and prevent osteoarthritis. Even the loss of a few pounds can pay off with a vast reduction in the possibility of developing this form of arthritis.


A knee injury can keep you out of the swing of things for a while. It can also make it harder to move. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to get on your feet again. According to Joint Academy, good exercises are an important step in how to prevent osteoarthritis. 

Bear in mind that if the muscles that are along the front of your thigh are weak, this can lead to an increased chance of developing osteoarthritis. Fortunately, you can exercise this part of your body with ease. Focus closely on this area of the body as you exercise. Your goal should be to increase your overall strength in your thigh area.

Avoiding Further Injury

Avoiding further injury is also important. A knee injury of any kind can lead to other injuries. You might be putting more weight on other parts of your body as you move. That is why you’ll want to take lots of precautions when you’re out and about. 

Observe all necessary safety rules. Warm up exercises can help along with a good cool down once you’re done. If you feel pain when you’re moving, you’ll want to stop immediately. This is a sign you’re overdoing it. Easing into your routines is ideal. Allow yourself enough time to heal after an injury to ensure that you’re not doing too much too soon.

Eating Well

Eating well means paying close attention to the ways that your diet can impact your knee health. You’ll want to get more vitamin D in your diet. Doing so may be able to decrease knee pain. Look for sources that include fatty fish, milk and eggs. You’ll also want to add omega-3 fatty acids. They have been shown to help reduce joint inflammation that can lead to osteoarthritis. 

Salmon as well as certain nuts and seeds are a good way to increase your consumption of these foods. It’s a good idea to decrease the amount of sugar and other unnecessary calories you consume each week.

Knee injuries of any kind are scary. The good news is you can do lots of things to help decrease your chances of further long term injury.

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