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Do a 180 and Take Charge of Your Physical Health in 2021

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Change can be scary—especially when you’re resistant to it. However, ditching bad habits like overeating or under-exercising, can drastically improve your quality of life. Unfortunately, many people have found themselves caught up in less-than-ideal behaviors due to drastic lifestyle changes brought upon by the COVID-19 quarantine. Isolation has wreaked havoc on many individuals’ physical and mental health as productive, healthy outlets—like gyms and health-food stores—have been restricted or temporarily closed.

Although breaking bad habits can be a laborious, strenuous process, introducing small lifestyle changes into your daily routine can set you up for success in stressful, quarantine times. As you take on the new year, set reasonable, attainable goals to avoid burnout and disappointment. And take 2021 by storm.

Address your addictions head-on

If you, like countless others, find yourself grappling with addiction, now may be the perfect time to address the issue head-on. Addiction comes in many forms and is detrimental to physical and mental health. Symptoms include psychosis, various cancers, and intense withdrawals that can be unmanageable without the right resources or support system. To increase your odds of a successful recovery, surround yourself with trusted friends and family, understand recovery is a life-long journey, and focus on small, attainable goals.

If you need additional professional help to kick your addiction to the curb, try seeking help from an outpatient drug rehab center. The specialists at these facilities can provide you with the necessary tools to get clean and stay healthy.

Take daily walks

Walking is an enjoyable, easy to implement practice to introduce into your daily life. Lack of physical activity can result in painful fluid build-ups and frustrating weight fluctuations,  wreaking havoc on your physical health. Taking a slow-paced stroll around your neighborhood is a low-cost form of exercise that lowers your risk of heart disease and eases joint pain. If you find strenuous exercise to be out-of-reach, take up walking to enjoy beautiful natural landscapes and improve your mood one step at a time.

Increase your water intake

The human body is 70 percent water and depends on the liquid to perform its natural, everyday functions. Without adequate intake, lethargy, weight irregularities, and headaches are sure to ensue, leaving you feeling frustrated and sluggish. Increasing your water intake by a few glasses a day—ideally, you should drink eight—can boost your immune system, clear your mind. It can also set you up for success each day.

Improve your diet

Switching up your diet to include healthier, nutrient-rich foods doesn’t need to be a long, strenuous process. Slowly and strategically incorporating fresh, nutritious food can be as simple as swapping out a sugary, whole-milk yogurt for a low-fat Greek version that satiates the same craving. Introducing less artificial, more nutritionally balanced foods into your meals can increase your energy levels and kick-start your day.

Challenge your fitness routine

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is getting in shape. However, if you already have an established fitness routine, it may be time to push your boundaries. Sticking to comfortable workouts, neglecting specific muscles, and dismissing different fitness courses can leave you face-down in a fitness rut. Try switching it up with boot camp classes or ever-popular Zumba dance courses, and challenge your body in new, exciting ways.

Take your time

Unfortunately for the impatient resolution setter, change doesn’t happen overnight. Healthy habits take time, effort, and diligence. Avoid unrealistic mindsets and approach your goals with an open, positive perspective to fill this year with prosperity and success.

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