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Breakdown of the 10 Year CrossFit Affiliate Summit

CrossFit’s 10 Year Affiliate Summit has taken place in Whistler, Canada last month.

The event was designed to bring together box owners who have had their affiliate for more than a decade. But it also saw CrossFit founder Greg Glassman speak publicly for the first time, in a while, at a major public event.

Here’s a quick look at what the 2-day CrossFit Affiliate Summi was and who attended:

  • 193 total affiliate owners in the one room.
  • Owners cam from 18 different countries.
  • CrossFit founder Greg Glassman addressed the group
  • Owners were able to ask any questions they had about the current direction of CrossFit

It’s been two weeks now since the CrossFit Affiliate Summit was held. Since then we have been drip fed bits of information about what was revealed. Here is a closer look at some of the main takeaways from the event:

Greg Glassman on his future with CrossFit

Coach Greg Glassman, the Founder & CEO of CrossFit said he had no intention of leaving the company. During the summit be indicated that he is still in charge and still the number one decision maker at CrossFit.

Glassman also confirmed that he has no plans to retire or resign. He also said he does not have a succession plan if that was to happen.

He added that his plan is, ‘don’t fucking die’.

Glassman on the CrossFit Games

Greg Glassman made no indication he wanted to scrap the CrossFit Games next year. But also didn’t speak of the event in the biggest glowing terms.

He said that the costs were a majority of the total budget spend and they were occupying 60% of the company’s attention. Glassman stated “The Games are a sideshow” and not their primary focus.

In terms of the 2019 event, Glassman expressed that overall he was pleased with how it went, especially on an international scale. He also says he loves what is happening with the International Champions and hinted that they’d have more than one workout next year.

Glassman also said that CrossFit had no interest in being in the clothing business once the current Reebok contract expires, adding, they will “not put our name on a shoe. We’re getting out of that business”.

Glassman on Legal Battles

Greg Glassman re-iterated that CrossFit is committed to fighting State and Federal legislative efforts to regulate fitness and nutrition coaching with significant legal and financial lobbying efforts.

CrossFit’s website now has an entire section dedicated to highlighting how they’re defending the brand. Glassman also explained to owners how CrossFit will continue to expose the evils of big soda and its influence in health, beverage and nutrition. CrossFit will also continue to protect the trademark against genericization, which protects affiliate owners from anyone calling their program ‘CrossFit’.

Glassman on CrossFit Programming

Coach Glassman also gave us some insight into what programming, and workout types of pain to expect in the near future at the CrossFit Affiliate Summit. He spoke about the importance of including more gymnastic exercises into daily workout programming. Specifically, things like L-sits, inversions, planks, and stretching.
“If you improve your L-sits, everything else will get better,” Glassman said.

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