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Boost Your Metabolism And Drop Those Extra Pounds With These Pro Tips

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Metabolism, what is that? Simply put, your metabolism is your body’s speed of breaking down the foods you eat into simpler molecules and burning those calories to give you energy. Because of genetics, this can range from slow to high. While someone with a high metabolism may find it easy to lose weight even though not purposefully trying to, hope is not a loss for those who believe they’re on the opposite end of that spectrum. 

Men indeed have, in general, a faster metabolism than women, and advancing age can interfere. But there are a variety of ways in which to rev up how fast you burn those calories. Commit to practicing a few and watch your body respond. 

Senna Tea 


You may know this plant by a different name, Cassia Angustifolia or Acutifolia. Don’t give in to confusion, it is the same. A lot of people claim that Senna Tea has some real benefits and it continues to be used by many for weight loss all across the world. Functioning as a stimulant and laxative, this tea causes a reduction in the amount of water retained by the body through absorption. This results in a drop in pounds leaving the user ecstatic. This drop-in pounds, however, is limited to water weight which is lost through stool.

Note, if sipping on Senna Tea, prepare to visit the bathroom within six to twelve hours. Timing is key. 

Though many employ this method for quick results, the effects do not last. Remember, water is being lost, not fat. This may prompt some to increase their consumption of this tea to see more consistent results. Be on guard not to abuse this drink as the risk of dehydration and disruption in electrolyte balance can occur as a result. These are two very serious conditions.

Still interested in rolling the dice? Alright, but try to do this safely. Be sure that its use does not surpass fourteen days and consult a healthcare professional should you experience persistent diarrhea or blood in your stool. 

Sleep, Please


We are always so busy, something seems to forever require our attention. Slowing down or stopping altogether seems Ludacris. If I want to lose weight, the more active I am the better. Well, not really.

Medical professionals insist that to keep the balance of your metabolic process and to boost it, you should get those eight hours of sleep in. A large cross-section of the population worldwide suffers from sleep deprivation. How many of us can truthfully say we get eight to nine hours of pure delightful deep sleep nightly? But did you know that those of us who don’t sleep for those recommended hours have a greater proven risk of experiencing reduced loss of body fat and increased percentages of abdominal fat?

It all increases in complexity when delving into the scientific explanation of how good sleep habits are necessary for proper glucose regulation, glucose itself being tied to a host of health issues including obesity. But suffice to summarize that longer periods of shut-eye will offer a much-needed helping hand in maintaining metabolic homeostasis and do a world of good on your weight loss journey. 

Get With The Weights To Lose Weight

Two thumbs up for adding weight training to your exercise routine. 

Weight or Strength Training = More Muscle. More Muscle = Faster Metabolism!

As little as a twenty-minute long strength-based exercise routine can perk up your metabolism for up to two hours. Don’t feel like picking up a dumbbell or using resistance bands? Then opt for some serious cardio. Take on some cardio for approximately fifty minutes and enjoy more than ten hours of increased metabolic activity. Wow! So get to that treadmill, climb those stairs, do those jumping jacks with vigor. Your body will thank you. 

Protein Boost

Remember how we just discussed that muscle translates into faster metabolism? What food group do you believe is responsible for building muscle? Protein! You got it. Not only does it kick up metabolism a couple of notches, but it also leaves you feeling full for longer.

Protein increases the release of hormones responsible for satiety and lowers those which send the Feed Me signals to the body. 

The digestion of protein extends for a longer period than do fats or carbs. Not only does the body actively burn those calories through periods of activity, calories from protein continue to be used up even while you are stationary. So whether doing something or doing nothing, you win. So get on those eggs, lean meats, beans, and fish. The options are endless.

Give Green Tea A Go


Research holds green tea in high regard for its effects on weight loss and metabolism. This tea possesses both caffeine and catechin which can supercharge metabolism, by augmenting the amount of energy mobilized by the body. Catechin specifically promotes the catabolism of fat molecules.

Paired with adequate sleep, strength and weight-focused exercises, and a high protein diet, the cumulative effect will be amazing. 

Two or three cups of this brew daily are sufficient for the average person. Because of its caffeine content, if you suffer from hypertension or heart complications be sure to limit the intake and consult a healthcare professional for medical advice. 

So what do you think? Is this doable? It is! Increasing your metabolism may have been considered a scary and unreachable goal. But see how simple and straightforward changes can yield major results. Your sex need not stop you. Your age can’t keep you down. Ok genetics, we see you, but we can also see beyond you. It all depends on your determination and drive. How bad do you want to see those pounds melt away? 

Always choose safe and proven ways to achieve your objectives. Convince others, friends,twenty-minute-long, and family members, to join you on this journey. Having a buddy serves both as impetus and encouragement. Never submit to the false fact that there’s nothing you can do to change your circumstance. There’s always a way. 

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