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5 Effective Exercises for Reducing Overall Body Pain

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Simple Methods to Keep Your Body Active and Pain-Free

Overall body pain can be caused by any number of sources including injury, overuse, or due to age or illness. Regardless of how the body pain is caused, what is universal is that it never feels good. Granted, over-the-counter and prescription medication may help mute the pain symptoms, but they are only a short-term solution to a larger problem. In most cases, overall body pain can be remedied through simple exercise routines that keep the joints active and the muscles in regular use with healthy blood flow. 

Here are our top five exercises that are designed to reduce your overall body pain.

#1 – Swimming

With summer right around the corner, there is no better exercise to work your body from head-to-toe than swimming. It is perhaps the most comprehensive of all exercises because it works literally every single muscle group in your body. Another great benefit of swimming is that it is extremely low impact, which is perfect for those who have issues putting weight on their joints.

#2 – Walking

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get your body moving that is both low impact and convenient to do at practically anytime. By doing something as simple as walking 30 to 60 minutes per day, you will increase your overall strength and endurance. Most importantly, you will reduce your pain levels that are associated with inactivity, tight muscles, and stiff joints.

#3 – Stretching

Stretching is probably the most convenient exercise on our list because it doesn’t require a lot of space, and you can do it right inside your home. For stretching, what we recommend is doing a series of stretches that address every muscle group in the body. That includes your legs, arms, back, torso, and neck. However, the beauty of stretching is that it can be targeted to a specific area. For instance, if you are experiencing chronic back pain, then it’s probably a good idea to focus on stretches that work out that particular muscle group. 

#4 – Yoga

Not unlike stretching, yoga can be done practically anywhere because it requires so little space. It’s also fantastic for comprehensively stretching out every single muscle group in the body. However, yoga is not to be underestimated in its degree of difficulty. There are some highly challenging poses that require core strength and balance in order to accomplish. The benefit of yoga is that it is widely renowned for its ability to reduce body pain and restore inner-peace.

#5 – Weight Training

If your muscles aren’t challenged, then they can get weak and start to deteriorate. Inactivity can be the cause of chronic or long-term pain and a lot of people. If you’re finding that the pain is centralized to muscle groups and not necessarily your joints, try some light weight training. For beginners, start with machine weights to decrease the chance of injury or further increasing your pain levels. Or, if you don’t have access to that, go with some light free weights. You’ll find that by challenging your muscles during weight training it can reduce your pain levels in core muscle groups such as your calves, quads, biceps, etc.

Speak to Your Local Pain Management Clinic

Even when using a series of affective exercises such as the ones that we’ve listed here, pain management can still be a challenge for some people. If you find that you are unable to reduce your pain levels on your own, then the next step should be reaching out to your call pain management clinic. At the clinic, we will have pain management doctors that will be able to examine you and diagnose the root cause of your issue.

There are likely going to be several options available in your area. The best way to get started is by Googling the term “pain management clinic near me.” Once you have found a pain management clinic that looks like it’s the right fit for you, contact them to make an appointment for your examination. They may recommend pain medication, physical therapy, or other measures to reduce your overall body pain.

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