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5 Natural Sugar Alternatives from Andi Lew

Andi Lew is a qualified food, lifestyle and wellness coach who has been working with functional fitness athletes and their diets for several years. The Rx Review caught up with the published author recently to talk about sugar and some natural sugar alternatives athletes should be taking!

With all of our high intensity training these days, weather it be functional fitness or CrossFit, we are going to be craving some sort of sugar at some point. Of course, we know the processed kind of sugar is bad for us, with research even showing it is more addictive then heroin and also inflammatory.

So ideally, we want to go with natural sugars like fruit sugars and other great paleo sweeteners like honey. And some personal favourites of mine: rice malt syrup and coconut flower nectar.

In the above video I outline a number of great natural sugars athletes should be eating. These include some slow release, low GI alternatives that are great to use in pre and post workout meals like porridges and smoothies.

I also reveal a few natural sugar alternatives for those who have weight or hormonal problems and are trying to eliminate calories all together.

Check out the video above to find out more about sugar and what sugar alternatives athletes should be taking. Checking out the video will also help you determine exactly what you need in your kitchen. And, just as importantly, what you don’t need!

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