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Improving Strict Muscle-Ups: Gymnastics Tips

The Strict Muscle-Up is a great movement to include in your strength program; it will help develop overall body strength and coordination. In the above video, we give you three tips to help you improve your strict muscle-ups.

Firstly, develop a strict pull-up to your chest, or pull as high as possible. Maintain a tight hollow body throughout the pull up and don’t cut the pull short.

Secondly, practice the transition path. Rings should trace from the sternum to the side of your ribs. Trace this path numerous times back and fourth to create the neural pathway. This drill can also be done on the low rings using your toes as a light spot.

Thirdly, get strong in all the positions using static holds. That is, the top of the pull-up, bottom of the dip and top of the dip.

improving strict muscle-ups gymnastics tips

Training your strict Muscle-Ups will require consistency; your emphasis should be on perfect technique rather than volume. Think about completing more sets with fewer reps, not compromising form.

There are many ways you can incorporate this to your current routine. Here is one example:

Top of the pull 3 x 10-20sec (rest as needed between sets)

Bottom of the dip 3 x 10-20sec (rest as needed between sets)

Top of dip 3 x 10-20sec (rest as needed between sets)

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