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4 Reasons Why People Like Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Thiago Braga World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship

Learning martial arts can be a life-changing decision, many people are not aware of all the possible benefits that it can bring. Jiu jitsu, a close combat that is based on ground fighting. It’s energetic and can come in handy in lots of real-life situations. Above all else, it’s a sport that can shape your body, and the good thing is anyone can do it! So here are 4 reasons why people enjoy Brazilian jiu jitsu and why you might too!

1. It shapes your body

Going to the gym is not fun for everyone, but instead of skipping it and doing activities altogether, something like Brazilian jiu jitsu might suit you. If you’re wondering what is jiu jitsu, it is a martial art that originated in Japan and has become popular in Brazil. It makes use of grappling techniques to force an opponent into submission through joint locks and chokeholds. This form of self-defense can also help with fitness, flexibility, and coordination. This way you can practice an excellent sport whilst losing weight and keeping yourself fit. You’ll start slow and steady, first learning the ropes of martial art and the different techniques, and little by little your body will get stronger and stronger.

This is a great way to trick yourself into a workout without even feeling like you are working out – so no need to focus only on the gym when you can transform your body by doing jiu jitsu! It’s all about strengthening your core, having a good stance, and slowly building your body. Being active is always welcomed, and this way you can get more things than you would by going to the gym! 

2. Anyone can try it

It’s true that anyone can practice Brazilian jiu jitsu, it’s even advised for women to try it as well! It can also be a great base for other martial arts, especially MMA, so it’s definitely something to consider. People shy away from trying this type of martial arts due to various reasons, one of them out of fear that they won’t perform well. But regardless of gender, age or build, anyone can try it. As you can see from this review here, there is not a lot of required equipment, so the sport itself is not as expensive as you’d think. The most important thing is your BJJ Gi or in other words your Brazilian jiu jitsu uniform that you’ll proudly wear through your journey! 

3. It’s useful in real life too

Martial arts is not just a fancy kind of sport, only used on the training ground – it can certainly be useful in real life too. Unfortunately, since you never know when you’ll need to defend yourself, being skilled in martial arts is extremely important. Brazilian jiu jitsu can be used in lots of different ways, it teaches people to be aware of their surroundings, how to get out of a situation and how to defend themselves in certain situations. It’s all about being confident and knowing how to quickly escape from an attacker and bring him down if necessary.

Women love this type of martial art as it makes them feel safe while walking alone at night, and just in general knowing that you can defend yourself is a great thing! Regardless of whether you are a man, woman, or child, everyone should know how to stay safe at all times!


4. Stress relief

While living in a fast-paced world with busy schedules and little to no time for ourselves, it’s hard to find a healthy stress outlet. It’s proven that physical activity can help with stress a lot, clearing your mind and making you focused on something else like lifting weights or running. When it comes to Brazilian jiu jitsu, the body is not the only thing that’s involved, the mind is also there and very much present! BJJ focuses on different techniques, quick thinking, and strengthening your mind above all else, this can definitely help with stress.

Creating a healthy relationship with physical activity that’s also good for the mind too is essential for the overall well-being! Since BJJ is close combat, working closely with other people is inevitable, which can be beneficial for your social life, and it can also build confidence. There is nothing more fun than learning something new, enhancing yourself, and doing it with other people who are also striving for the same thing! 

At the end of the day, it’s easy to name more than one thing that differentiates this martial art and makes it appealing for a lot of people. It’s a self-care package, both for your physical and mental health! It’s also beginner-friendly and lots of people can try it out alone or with friends – Brazilian jiu jitsu is definitely one of those things everyone should at least try once!

There is no need to shy away from it or to fear it, as both kids and adults can indulge in it, and get lots of benefits as they progress, and nothing is more important than self-growth and improving yourself!

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