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Water Filtration: Exploring the Available Options

Water Filtration

There are some basic elements that enable life on this planet. This became the basis on which western and some other world philosophies as well as early science was built upon.

The early philosophers and thinkers believed that everything on the earth was made up of these elements. To some extent, they were right and that is even with the limited understanding of their time.

One of these highly regarded elements is water. Its use is crucial in almost all facets of life, be it for humans, animals, vegetation and agriproducts; the list is endless!

The use of water has not reduced. If anything, humans have found more uses for this natural element. We have also found how to make previously unsafe ones, safe and suitable for human consumption and other applications.

One of the ways through which this has been achieved is filtration.

What is Water Filtration?

This is a process of water purification that involves removing unwanted and potentially harmful bacteria or other particles from it. The idea behind this is to be able to get it disinfected and fit for drinking as well as other purposes. You can read more about water filtration here.

Why Is this Necessary?

The primary reason why filtration is necessary is because some of the sources from where water is gotten make it unhealthy for consumption and unfit for other purposes that it might be needed for.

Some of these sources include:

  • Ground water which comes from or is gotten as it emerges from deep inside the ground or earth.
  • Lakes in the upland and reservoirs where they are stored for later use.
  • The low land surface waters that include rivers and other such sources.
  • They are also gotten from rain harvesting and fog collection.
  • Using reverse osmosis to desalinate and distill sea water.
  • It can also be generated from the atmosphere using technology

All the above listed sources include some form of purification to make the end product fit for the different purposes that they are to be used for.

For most people businesses and most homes, the interest is simply in having an efficient way of purifying the water they take. Furthermore, depending on your place of residence or where your business is situated, you want to be sure that what gets to your residence is clean and good for use and where this is not so, you need to know that there is something you can do to make it good for use.

Methods of Water Filtration

There are different methods that can be applied to filter water. Some of these include:

  1. Activated Carbon: Here, the carbon is able to remove contaminants thereby improving its taste and odor. There are various types of carbon that are used with some being used for more harmful and unwanted particles or contaminants.
  2. Distillation: This is done by using heat to vaporize water and then allowing it condense back original state which will then be without the contaminants and therefore drinkable. This is a very old method and though many don’t use it today, it works.
  3. Deionization: This is a way to remove electrically charged ions and unwanted particles though it would not kill or remove living organisms or particles.
  4. Ion Exchange: This is done using a technology that allows for an exchange from a more toxic ion to a less toxic one.
  5. The Ozone Method: This is done with the aid of other technologies and is able to eliminate many microorganisms.

Asides the numerous available methods, it is important to know that there are different types of water filters. They include:

  1. Under The Sink: This is named after where it is to be installed, which is under the sink. Though costly, it has the advantage of requiring little to no maintenance.
  2. On-Counter: These are mostly used at commercial places or businesses. They are kept on the counter and are linked to the faucet. It usually has a switch which allows users to alternate between filtered and unfiltered water as they so choose.
  3. Faucet Mounted: They are connected to the faucet enabling you to do a faster job in the kitchen.
  4. Pitchers: This is by far the most popular type. It is inexpensive and can be fitted inside a refrigerator.

It is generally more advisable to make your choice from what you have assessed yourself to need. This is done by asking questions and researching on what best fits and would be useful in your unique situation. Places like The Miracle Machine are great to find out for more info on available options.

Again, who you buy from also matters a lot as it will go a long way to determine the quality of product you buy. You can check out for proper guidance on what products to consider getting.


The essence of water to life is immeasurable, especially to a human. While one can survive without food for days, one can’t do so without water.

Despite how important it is, it is equally as important that what you drink is pure. Thankfully, you can easily ensure this with the right product.

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