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Want To Push Aunt Flo Back A Few Days? A Quick Guide To Using Period Delay Tablets

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Most women are not exactly thrilled at the arrival of their period, especially if it coincides with a party, graduation, or another big event like a wedding!

While some women simply bite the bullet and go with it (brave ladies!), there are those who want to take control back and delay their monthly cycle until it is more convenient. This is where the use of period delay tablets comes into play.

Although you should always talk to your doctor about taking any hormone-related medications, this article provides a quick guide to period delay tablets, so you can ascertain whether or not they are right for you.

What They Are

In essence, any tablets for delaying a period are going to be high in progesterone. 

This is because when you are about to shed your uterine lining, in the few days before your period, your progesterone level drops to allow this to happen. So, period delay tablets are simply progesterone tablets that are designed to be used for around five days at a time. 

When To Take Them

If you want to delay your period by a few days, you should take the tablets three days before your period is scheduled to begin. This should allow adequate time for the progesterone levels to stabilize and the shedding of the lining to be pushed back. Should you take the maximum amount of these tablets, they will delay your period by around three days.

Potential Side Effects

There are some side effects that you need to be aware of before taking these pills. The key one is abdominal discomfort, followed by issues relating to your mood and even nausea. These symptoms are usually short-lived and should revert when you stop taking the medication. Please note that if you suffer from migraines or are taking the contraceptive pill, you should not take period delay tablets. 


As mentioned before, you will typically be able to buy these tablets in 5-day packs, and you should only take them for five days. Do not go over the recommended dosage. 

It is advisable to only use period delay tablets four times a year, as doing so more than this can cause issues relating to an increased incidence of strokes, deep vein thromboses, and migraines. If you want to delay your periods more often than this, then you should contact your family medicine doctor or an OB-GYN.

Signs of An Issue

There are not too many issues that can occur with delaying your period by a few days. However, as mentioned before, if you suffer from migraines, these tablets can push the incidence of migraine headaches up due to hormonal imbalances.

If you notice persistent abdominal pain while using these pills, issues with breast tenderness, nausea, sex drive, or extreme mood swings, you should contact your family health doctor or OB-GYN for advice on a more suitable option to delay your periods. 

If you begin to suffer from blurred vision, extreme head pain, weakness on one side, or slurred speech while using these pills, head to your nearest Emergency Department.

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