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9 Surprising Benefits of Drinking More Water

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We all know that drinking water is good for us and that we’re supposed to stay hydrated throughout the day. But do we really know why? 

This article will unpack some of the science-backed health benefits we gain from drinking enough water, which will hopefully encourage you to go pour yourself a glass. 

However, making sure that your water is safe to drink is equally important for your health. To ensure that the water you’re drinking is clean, you should invest in something like an undercounter water filtration system, which makes it easy to access filtered water from your home instead of having to go to the store.

Now, without further ado, here’s what you might notice if you increase your water intake. 

You’ll Have More Energy

Various studies have shown that dehydration can impair your brain function and in turn, leave you feeling fatigued and unfocused, struggling to get through basic daily activities.

Staying hydrated will boost your energy throughout the day, giving you the zest you need to work out, do your job, socialise, take care of chores, and everything else that needs tending to. 

Your Brain Will Perform Better

As mentioned, your water intake impacts your brain – the organ relies heavily on hydration in order to function effectively. However, this relates to more than just feeling sleepy when you hit your afternoon slump. 

Not drinking enough water can seriously affect your cognitive functioning and mood, even leading to mental health struggles in some cases. Dehydration is an even more serious problem in children as it can impact their brain function and mood quite severely. 

You’ll Stop Having Headaches

If you struggle with constant headaches, it could be due to a lot of things. Stress, eyestrain from staring at a screen all day, tension in your neck and shoulders, a lack of sleep, a nutrient deficiency, and yes, you guessed it, dehydration.

Few people realise that their constant pounding headaches could be seriously improved if they only paid closer attention to their eight glasses a day. 

You’ll Have Better Digestion

To keep things clean in this article, let’s just say that drinking enough water helps to ensure that everything is flowing as it should.

Infrequent movement and even stomach pain are common symptoms of a dehydration problem since water plays a key role in the digestion of your food. Up your intake and take note of whether or not your regularity improves. 

You’ll Be Better Equipped to Lose Weight

It’s been proven time and time again that water is key in any weight loss journey, and here’s why.

Water can boost your metabolism, helps you digest food better, makes you more effective in your workouts, can act as a replacement for unhealthy drinks like sodas, and often, when we think we’re hungry, we’re actually just thirsty. 

Your Skin Will Improve

Another wonderful benefit of increasing your water intake is the effect it will probably have on your skin. Of course, replacing sugary drinks with water and reducing your overall sugar intake is the first step to improving your skin and clearing acne. 

However, water will also help in flushing toxins from your skin and leave you looking bright and glowy. 

You’ll Recover Better from Your Workouts

Some of the best ways to recover effectively from your training are through hydration and eating good food that promotes recovery.

Your muscles work really hard to repair themselves after you’ve had a great workout, and the two most important tools they need are protein and water. Hydrating well after you exercise will help reduce muscle soreness, speed up your recovery and also replenish all the water you sweated out while killing it in the gym 

You’ll Be Stronger and Faster at the Gym

Speaking of the gym, did you know that being properly hydrated will actually improve your performance?

All the water you lose when you sweat can dehydrate you during your workout, fatiguing you, wrecking your body’s inner temp control and generally leaving you feeling deflated and unmotivated.

Obviously, you don’t want to be full of water and sloshing around while you train, but keeping a cold bottle nearby to fuel up is important. 

You’ll Handle Alcohol Better

Finally, for the social butterflies out there, drinking more water will also help you on your nights out.

Drinking a glass of water in between your alcoholic beverages will help you hold your liquor better and not lose control, plus the hangover the next day will likely be far more manageable if you end the night with a big glass of water and a painkiller. 

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