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The United States 10 Most Obese States

Obesity Rates Map

A report by the U.S Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and published by the Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), found an astonishing 12 US States have an obesity rate above 30%.

What was interesting about the statistics is 26 of those 30 states were all found in the Midwest and South.

The top ten states were as follows:

1. Mississippi (34.9%);

2. Louisiana (33.4%);

3. West Virginia (32.4%);

4. Alabama (32.0%);

5. Michigan (31.3%);

6. Oklahoma (31.1%);

7. Arkansas (30.9%);

8. (tie) Indiana (30.8%); and South Carolina (30.8%);

10. (tie) Kentucky (30.4%); and Texas (30.4%);

Hawaii was 50th with an obesity rate of 21.8% followed by Colorado in 51st spot with 20.7%.

You can read more details on the Trust for America’s Health here.

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