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Eating Eggs as Dangerous as Smoking?

Thinking of having a nice Paleo breakfast with eggs this morning? Well if new research is to be believed you may want to think again before you add the egg yolks into that omlette or cook up your favorite fried eggs.

A new study published Tuesday in Atherosclerosis has been getting quite a bit of media traction this week. The study made the contention that eating egg yolks could be as dangerous as smoking.

Researchers from the Western University in Canada, looked at more than 1200 people with a mean age of 61.5, who were patients attending vascular prevention clinics at London Health Science Centre’s University Hospital.

The team then used a series of ultrasound tests to measure the total plaques area of the individuals and then asked the candidates to fill out questionnaires detailing their lifestyle and living habits. What they found in their study was those that ate the most eggs had the worst arteries.

Dr. David Spence, who led the study said that the regular consumption of egg yolks increased plaque in the arteries independent of blood pressure, BMI, and sex. Although he did note that more research is yet to be done.

Despite this Dr. Richard Besser, M.D and the Chief Health and Medical Editor of ABC News was quick to point out that, “there are number of things that affect your cholesterol that they didn’t look at.” He went on to state, “eggs are a great source of balance protein of many vitamins and if you do it in moderation it is great part of your diet.”

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