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Understanding the App Development Cost

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How much does app development cost? It’s the question of utmost concern for business owners who want to be closer to their customers and build a mobile app to improve their online experience. However, no one can tell the ultimate cost until you announce your requirements to a future app, the number of features, complexity, etc. Overall, it is really hard to estimate an app cost without knowing its detailed characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at this question and begin with the basic information.

On average, the typical cost of building a mobile application varies from $50,000 to $250,000. Such factors as design, the complexity of functionality, and app type can surely influence the app price. The average development process timeline also varies from 2 to 9 months. 

Reputable software development teams usually have app cost calculators that allow potential customers to calculate the app price online. 

Let’s move on to details!

What Influences a Mobile App Development Cost

As we have already mentioned, there are many factors that determine the development costs. But the most important factors are the region where your development team is located and the average development time.

On average, two pricing models are considered: hourly and fixed-price. However, the second model is used only if a client understands what goals they want to meet and has a clear idea about the app and all accompanying materials. But mostly, the hourly model is usually applied only because it is more flexible and allows programmers to calculate the exact number of hours needed for building the app.

There’s also another aspect that you need to consider – the geographical location of a chosen team. The cost per hour usually depends on where the dev team is located. For example, if your development team is based in the USA, you’ll be charged up to $150 per hour. The hourly rate of programmers from India is around $20.

However, that’s not all. Let’s review other aspects that should always be considered while calculating the app cost.

Feature robustness

When talking about the average cost of building a mobile application, we couldn’t pass by this issue. The first and foremost thing that can affect the app price is feature robustness. You should bear in mind that building a simple calendar application takes less time as compared to building a complicated and multi-featured fitness application.

A successful app is the one that can satisfy the requirements of as many users as possible. If besides a set of basic features you wish to add extra functionality, you should remember that it takes more time and money. Overall, it’s up to you to decide whether to stick to MVP or invest in a powerful and multi-featured mobile application with a set of core options.

Application platforms

What platform are you going to choose? Android, iOS, or both? Beware that a high-quality mobile app must be compatible with both operating systems. But the cost of building an app for iOS and Android is almost the same although iOS development can be more expensive technically. On average, the price doesn’t exceed more than 5% of the general price. You should also bear in mind that sometimes, technological exceptions can surely influence the app cost.

How many experts a development team includes

It is clear that the more versatile the chosen dev team is, the lesser chances of hiring freelancers to complete this or that task. For example, if a team doesn’t have a designer, a writer, or an illustrator, they need to hire freelancers to complete these tasks. And this can also drastically influence the application cost. Professional development companies do the utmost to enrich their team with different professionals. And this allows them to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Third-party integrations

If you need to integrate some third-party options like payment systems or location trackers, you should be ready to pay more. All these services can be integrated at any stage of software development but they are paid. This means that the cost of app development is also growing at an exponential rate. If you want to reduce the cost of your MVP, you should consider the option of building custom core features and update them further on.

So far, you can see that the cost of app development depends on a myriad of issues. Therefore, it is highly valuable to discuss this issue with the chosen development team. Their main goal is to provide you with the time estimate and the app cost at the initial stage. At the same time, you should also know your budget as this will help a development team to leverage the features of your future app.

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