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Top Tips to Help You Exercise with Glasses

crossfit with glasses

Poor vision shouldn’t mean that you have to stop working out or have to limit what you can and cannot do either outside the gym or in it. While contact lenses can be a solution, it isn’t for everyone. It can also be more dangerous, especially if you prefer to swim or run, as microorganisms can get behind the lenses and cause an infection or even blindness.

Again, contact lenses can be a solution, but if they aren’t right for you then you don’t deserve to feel limited just because you wear glasses. Forget the days of sweaty lenses, or them falling off, and definitely forget the days of going through a work-out half-blind with these top tips:

Get the Right Frames for Your Face

In this guide on how to pick out the right glasses you will be advised first and foremost on selecting the right frame. This means choosing a material that suits your face or skin, and also picking out the ideal shape. You will want to get whatever choice you make fitted to your face by a professional, so that they stay firmly on and are less likely to fall off.

Get Specialist Glasses

If you are a swimmer or a runner there are actually specialist pure optical glasses just for you. Prescription swimming goggles are definitely not cheap, but if that is how you enjoy working out, and head out onto the water regularly, then they are an investment worth making.

Use a Strap

A way to convert your existing glasses, however, is to use a strap. These straps work to secure your glasses to your head so that they stay in place. They are an affordable alternative to specialist running glasses, though they won’t work for underwater or swimming exercises.

Invest in a Sweatband

If sweat keeps getting in your eyes, and by extension your glasses, get a sweatband. These work to absorb sweat that would have dripped into or around your eyes from your brow or forehead and keep your eyes dry. You’ll experience less irritation around the frames and won’t need to wipe your eyes nearly as often as you did beforehand.

Get Eye Surgery

Of course, a more permanent option is to fix your vision with surgery. Lasik surgery is one of the most popular options and is a total success in 95% of patients. It works by using a laser to reshape the cornea so that you can see distance items clearly. You won’t need your glasses to see and stay safe in the gym, because you won’t need your glasses in those situations!

Remember to Stay Safe

Your eyesight is very important! Whatever option you choose, make sure it is the right one for you and the exercises that you will be doing. Swimmers, for example, are better off getting prescription swimming goggles, while those who are doing light workouts in the gym or cardio exercises may benefit from a sweat band and a strap to keep their glasses on. Whatever you choose, make sure it is right for your eyes and is working to keep you safe and comfortable.

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