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Understanding Injury Recovery & Prevention

Shoulder pain exercises prevent injury

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Recovering from sports related injuries can be a long and sometimes extremely painful process. This is why prevention of these injuries is so important. There are numerous different devices to help prevent and avoid different injuries for each joint, bone, and muscle in the body. If you have sustained an injury you can gain back some mobility and strength by using aids such as physical therapy and braces where they apply.

For people that have been injured there are also many different exercise regimens or routines that can be extremely helpful in making your very own come-back. If you have undergone knee replacement surgery, your doctor might have told you to do pre knee replacement exercises before you had your surgery, this is to help you build strength and recover faster.

Recovering from Knee Injury

Knee injuries vary in severity and recovery time. Some injuries to the knees can be immensely painful and have long recovery times, while others may have very short recovery times. As with all injuries seek medical attention and advice first and foremost and be sure to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor or physical therapist.
The time it takes for a person to recover will differ from person to person because everyone’s body is different, and each body reacts differently to injury. Each person reacts differently to injury as well, physical injuries affect people psychologically so it is important to set attainable and realistic recovery goals for yourself. Anyone that sustains an injury will need to pay close attention to their body, the body will tell you what it needs so it is up to you to listen. It is very important for a person that has been injured to continue to exercise, if you have had a knee injury then you can still do exercises that focus on the arms, shoulders, chest, and upper back.

Once your knee has healed enough for you to begin to exercise it, there are some amazing sports braces for knees that you can use that will help prevent re-injury or further injury during the healing period. It is critical that you wear your knee brace or braces when you are supposed to and for as long as is recommended by your doctor or physical therapist. With knee injuries it is crucial that you always wear your knee brace, especially while exercising or doing physical therapy, at any time that you are going to be putting weight on the leg with the injured knee.

If you neglect to wear your knee brace you are far more likely to re injure your knee or make your injury worse. If any of you have ever suffered a knee injury then you likely know that not wearing a knee brace on the injured knee, even just to walk around, will at the very least increase your recovery time period from your injury, it will also increase the pain and the duration of pain.When you are recovering from a knee injury there are a few things that will be very important and critical to your recovery:

  • Make sure you set some attainable and realistic goals for yourself depending on your specific injury as well as the severity of your injury.
  • No matter how difficult it may seem at first, be sure to find a way to keep yourself exercising and engaged in your recovery.
  • Follow any and all instructions given to you by any medical professional that you see for your injury, this is very important.
  • Do not allow yourself to get too discouraged and most importantly do not give up on yourself or your recovery from the injury. Psychological recovery from an injury is just as critical as physical recovery.
  • Avoid going straight back into any athletic activity. Pace yourself, this will make your recovery easier and less painful physically and mentally.
  • Always wear your knee brace.
  • Trust your own body, it will tell you what it needs and when it needs it.

And if your knees require extensive surgery, expensive medication, and a lengthy recovery time with a lot of time off from work, know that you can hold those who caused your injuries liable and make them pay for your out-of-pocket expenses, lost income, along with your pain and suffering. Consult a personal injury lawyer to see whether your case has any merit. Most personal injury attorneys work on a no-win-no-fee basis and usually offer a free first consultation.

Injury Prevention

Preventing injuries is an immensely difficult task for a few reasons. One of them being that preventing an injury is primarily the individual’s responsibility. It’s up to you to read and learn the proper form and methods for whatever activity you chose to engage in. Also, it’s your responsibility to learn and follow the safety guidelines for whatever athletic or exercise activity or routine that your chose to do. It’s also up to you to use any safety equipment such as pads and a helmet for football for example. Regardless of how many different safety tips and guidelines that there are for an activity it is always up to the individual to learn those guidelines and research those tips and to follow them.

Alternative Injury Prevention

Something that many people do not realize is that there are so many different ways to prevent injuring yourself. There are some workout regimens and routines that actually help to train your body and muscles to become less susceptible to injury. Fitness regimes like CrossFit, for example, actually help to train your muscle groups to learn how to react in different states of intensity and pressure that those muscle groups would not ordinarily go through. Recent studies have shown that by doing this and training your body and muscles in this manner may actually help make a person less likely to suffer common injury than someone that does regular exercises and athletic activities. At the end of the day it is, and always will be, up to you to use the correct form, safety guidelines and equipment to prevent injuring yourself.

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