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The Dangers of High Heels

Running in HeelsSaturday is here and I thought it was a good time to talk about heels. The New York Times recently published an article looking at the dangers of wearing high heels. As upsetting as it may be to our female (and maybe a large portion of our male) readers the article discussed the science behind why stilettos should be kept in the closet and merely admired from a distance.

The article refers to a study conducted by Dr. Neil Cronin from Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. Dr. Cronin found that women who regularly wear high heels are more likely to develop shorter calf muscles than people who plant their feet firmly on the ground with sensible flats.

While short calf muscles may seem like a small price to pay for parading around in fabulous pumps, Dr. Cronin further explains that major tendons in the feet and legs are neglected when wearing high heels, which can affect the human gait.

Heel wearers were found to be less efficient walkers in Dr. Cronin’s study because walking did not involve stretching or stressing tendons, especially the Achilles tendon.

In addition, Dr Cronin states, “the large muscle strains that occur when walking in heels may ultimately increase the likelihood of strain injuries.” If that’s not enough to make you reach for the barefoot shoe then I ought to tell you the risk of injury increases for women who workout.

Dr. Cronin explains that when women suddenly transition from heels into runners or sneakers they expose their legs and feet to unfamiliar positions and force their tendons to work harder, which is likely to cause injury.

So, if you are looking to improve your stride, decrease the risk of injury and allow your feet to operate as nature had intended then give this article a quick read by clicking here.

Obviously this is not the best of news for the avid stiletto wearer. Fortunately for me, I choose to wear my high heels while using the Pose method of minimalist walking. Ok, maybe that is a little wishful thinking. Looks like this Saturday night I’m going to have to try and rock the Vibram Five Fingers. It may not be hot but I’m sure it will be  a conversation starter. Then again, beauty is pain.

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