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StayFit travel’s Tour Packages to the CrossFit Games!

StayFit Travel

Perfect your snatch in paradise. Take your asana to distant shores. Satisfy your soul’s wanderlust without sacrificing your well-being, with StayFit Travel as your guide.

StayFit travel is the only travel service to combine inspiration with perspiration, offering unique traveling opportunities tailored to fitness interests. The innovation of two veteran voyagers – Claire Smith, a star on the soccer field, and JD Derasmo, a conscientious trainer with the heart of a yogi – StayFit travel was created to help you stay motivated on the road.

“For nearly a decade, I’ve spent my summers traveling the world – from Alaska to Ecuador, from London to the Swiss Alps,” said JD, a high school science teacher and CrossFit Kids coach for the Brazen Leaves program out of Brazen Athletics/CrossFit Link (Fairfield, NJ).

“These experiences have shaped who I am, but I’ve always found it hard to avoid the pitfalls of over-indulging in local delicacies and forgoing workouts due to lack of equipment or over-scheduling, which, unfortunately, also has a hand in ‘shaping’ who I am,” continued JD, who also holds a CrossFit Level 1 coaching certificate.

“I wanted to create an experience that could fulfill the desire to explore our great, big world without derailing personal fitness goals, but would, in fact, foster them instead – an experience I would want to be a part of,” says JD.

Katie Hogan and StayFit Travel Found, JD

StayFit travel’s Found JD with Katie Hogan

JD’s partner Claire has been leading international girls soccer tours and camps for the past 6 years with Kickz Soccer UK and uses her experience to help organize the itineraries for the groups.

“Putting together group tours can be challenging,” said Claire. “We want to make sure we include typical tourist highlights and day trips with the physical activities, which means reaching out to and coordinating with local fitness facilities, CrossFit boxes, nearby hotels and other hospitality services to really keep the flow of the sightseeing-fitness experience.”

Together, these getaway gurus have built relationships across nations and worked to create comprehensive retreats and vacation packages that will give their clients a chance to trek the globe and build their bodies, so that they may enjoy every journey life has to offer.

Current packages include youth soccer tours to England, a CrossFit Games Los Angeles tour, Package through London, and a yoga retreat in Belize with renowned local yoga instructors Andrew and Trella Dolgin.

For more information and to book a tour, visit

Stay inspired. Stay strong. StayFit Travel.

-Written by Elizabeth Copeland Owen

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