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Services at Delray Beach Rehab Offer Unique Services

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Addiction is a uniquely devastating disease, one that can strike people from all walks of life and who are of any age, race, or gender. Because of this, treating it often requires a unique approach, one tailored to each individual’s unique needs, background, and experiences.

To this end, respected Delray Beach addiction treatment center Reco Intensive is on the cutting edge of the addiction treatment landscape with its wide array of specialty services, which are tailored to address just that uniqueness among their clientele.

These specialty services include therapy tailored to each individual, which often takes into account their unique identity. This includes programming tailored to first responders and veterans, who tend to struggle with addiction at unusually high rates because bearing witness to trauma is just part of the job. This trauma in turn can create a state of neurological hyper alertness known as post traumatic stress disorder, which in turn often spurs self medication.

By taking that trauma into consideration, Reco’s staff is able to help these clients to move past it by avoiding their triggers and learning healthier coping mechanisms. Reco also uses advanced techniques like neurointegration, which works by making clients more aware of how their brain works, knowledge that they can then use to train and rewire their brains.

They also offer a similar technique called eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy, which is also known as EMDR. This form of therapy works by breaking negative patterns that patients associate with traumatic events and helps them to process those events in a more adaptive manner.

Reco staff is also specifically trained to address the unique needs of LGBTQ clients, who also suffer from addiction at a higher rate due to factors like discrimination, stigma, and traumatic experiences of being rejected by others for their sexual orientation. And, Reco is equipped to deal with the unique needs of older adults, who often have a far different set of needs and experiences than younger ones.

Reco Intensive also offers intervention and Marchman Act services, which are related to a Florida statute designed to allow families to intervene in the case where a person’s substance abuse has made them a danger to themselves or others and they are unable to recognize their own need for treatment.

If a Marchman Act petition is successful, the addicted person may be legally compelled to enter treatment for their addiction, which is where Reco comes in as a Marchman Act receiving facility. If a less extreme intervention fails, Reco staff are also prepared to guide loved ones of someone struggling with addiction through the complex legal process of initiating a Marchman Act petition.

The family dynamics of addiction are also addressed in Reco’s family therapy, which helps family members of those who struggle with addiction to understand and move past the destructive ways that familial dysfunction may have fueled or been fueled by one member’s struggle with addiction.

Another of the more unique services offered by Reco Intensive is their adventure therapy, which seeks to restore their clients to holistic wellness by providing them with experiences designed to help them to move out of their comfort zone, learn how better to cooperate with others, and foster their spiritual healing. These can include excursions to places like animal rescues or Morikami Japanese Gardens and shared experiences like community service projects and escape rooms.

To learn more about these and the many other unique and effective specialty services offered at Reco Intensive, feel free to check out their website at

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