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Review: TrunxLife Apparel

TrunxLife Apparel

This week, we take a moment to review a few shirts from TrunxLife Apparel.

Item: TrunxLife Apparel
Price: $24-$32 USD for shirts
Manufacturer: TrunxLife
Purchase: TrunxLife

As we know, functional fitness athletes are huge on expressing themselves through the clothes, apparel and accessories they wear while training.

You only have to watch highlights of the CrossFit Games to see the many trends coming into the community. While plain colors still have their place in fashion, in recent times we have seen an emergence of bright coloured clothes worn at CrossFit affiliates, and even colourful athletic tape used by athletes.

One such brand staying true to this trend is TrunxLife.

TrunxLife clothing is relatively new to the functional fitness world, but is definitely making an impact with its bright colours, and ‘in your face’ slogans. The brand is run by three fitness enthusiasts who had a desire to develop a clothing range by ‘CrossFitters, for CrossFitters’.

TrunxLife offers a wide range for athletes including socks, hoodies, shirts and kids clothes. Here’s my review on some of the brands t-shirts I picked up recently.

trunxlife review

The Good

Presentation – I found TrunxLife through Instagram and quickly noticed these guys and gals are all about quality and presentation. After ordering my shirts online, they arrived in a nice box, packed with the logo, with each shirt individually bagged. Their tags are not just tied on with one of those plastic ties, but instead, they use a nice piece of strap. There is also a safety pin their tag to the inside tag of the shirt. I know fine details like these have no impact on the quality of the shirt, but when they’re doing this all by hand, it goes to show they care.

Great for Training – All of TrunxLife shirts are made from a tri-blend of Polyester, cotton and rayon. The ultra light-weight material is great for CrossFit training and most of the time I never felt like I was wearing a shirt. The shirts are also extremely breathable making them perfect for those long chipper style workouts.

Extremely Comfortable: Like previously stated, I am not one to strip down during a WOD, so finding something that is comfortable to wear during training is essential. Not only are TrunxLife’s shirts light to wear, they are also extremely comfortable to wear inside and outside the gym.

Quality Material: I have put these shirts through several different WODs and plenty of washing cycles, and each shirt has maintained its size and colour. Compared to other shirts I have reviewed, like iWOD Apparel, the quality of TrunxLife’s shirts is a lot better.

trunx life review

The Bad

Logo Printing – One of the few negatives I found with TrunxLife apparel was the logo printing on one of their shirts – the ‘Going Gorillas’ design. The logo printing on the chest felt a bit bulky when I was wearing it. It also become a little annoying to wear at times. But there was no such problem with my other TrunxLife shirts (King of the Unknown, Elite Ammunition, Pain Ain’t Cheap).

Colour – Although a variety of colour can be fantastic at times, it can also be one of those things that turns people away. TrunxLife like to push the boundaries with their slogans and that’s exactly what they do with their colour range. You’ll find some awesome slogans in their summer collection, but in bright neon colours. Personally, I was hoping to see them in the staple, black, blue and red t-shirts. There may be plans to release these in the basic colours in the future. But for now, the neon colours are all that’s available.

trunxlife review


I own a number of different “CrossFit” t-shirts from many brands, and for me, I am most happy with TrunxLife when it comes to the style and feel of the shirts I have.

As well as making great apparel, their customer service and quality is also far superior to many other brands. While some of their new neon colours might not be everyones flavour, TrunxLife stays true to its word of trying to motivate and inspire others to go “Beyond the Norm!”

I’ve said it before in my past reviews, I like simplicity. But I also like style; something I can wear during a WOD and outside the box. TrunxLife ticks both boxes.

Review by CC.


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