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Review: Evofit enso Muscle Roller

Evofit enso Muscle Roller

This week, we take a moment to review another mobility tool: The Evofit enso Muscle Roller.

Item: The enso Muscle Roller by Evofit.
Price: $89 USD
Manufacturer: Evofit

Mobility tools have evolved quite a bit in recent times. In the past few years we have seen a number of new devices, in all different shapes and sizes, hit the market, many of which have been positively embraced by the fitness community.

During my time reviewing products for The Rx Review, I have tested all kinds of interesting mobility tools including rollers, sticks and balls. And just when I think i’ve seen it all, i’m introduced to yet another new and unique device that surprises me.

This time it was the Evofit enso Muscle Roller by Evofit that caught me by surprise.

When I first head of the enso Muscle Roller I thought it would be like just any other foam roller on the market, only that it uses discs instead of a flat surface. To be brutally honest, I actually doubted how effective it would be, initially thinking the cylinder discs were more of a ‘eye catching’ gimmick than an effective method of myofascial release.

But it turns out the mobility tool offers a bit more than met my eye. The enso Muscle Roller is kind of like a ‘transformer’ of the mobility world with it’s adjustable features. Not only can you use the device as deep tissue foam roller with dozens of different settings, but you can also move things around to turn it into a ‘stick’ style hand roller,

The standard roller comes with an aluminium tube and eight foam discs of differing sizes.The tube itself is 13″ while the discs range from 4.5″-5″ in diameter. Each disc is adjustable and can be slid off, or set in one of the many grooves of the aluminium tube.

The ability to adjust these discs is what makes the enso Muscle Roller so good. Have you ever used a foam roller and just wished you could get a bit deeper in some parts of your body? Or maybe wanted to target a specific muscle group but your roller was too big? The ability to change the size, and customise the roller to suit your needs is a great feature i’m yet to find in many other self-myofascial release products.

Since I got my hands on the Evofit enso Muscle Roller last year, i’ve put the mobility tool to the test before and after numerous training sessions. Here’s what I think of the device:

Evofit enso Muscle Roller 2

The Good

Adjustable – As mentioned before, the enso Muscle Roller is one of the most adjustable mobility tools I have used. While I found it a bit tedious and confusing at first, once I got used to the device I was able to determine what settings work best for each part of my body. If there was one specific spot I needed to target, i’d slide on just one disc and use it as a deep trigger point. For my back, I would use a combination of small and larger discs to target different areas, while for my quads and IBT, i’d slide a few discs into the middle of the tube and hold onto the ends to use it as a stick hand roller.

Gets in Deep – Unlike standard foam rollers, the enso Muscle Roller can also be used for trigger release and deep tissue massage. Depending on what settings you prefer, you can use the roller to target specific muscle groups and get a lot deeper than standard flat rollers, or even RumbleRollers.

Evofit enso Muscle Roller 5

The Hand Roller Feature of the Evofit enso Muscle Roller

Good Demo Videos – Evofit has made sure users know hot to get the best out of the enso Muscle Roller by providing detailed information on how to use the mobility tool on their website. In addition, a number of demo videos have also been released to help users familiarize themselves with the device.

Multi-Purpose – One of the great features of the enso Muscle Roller is the ability to use the device as a hand held massage tool, as well as a muscle roller. As I mentioned earlier, when you slide the discs into the middle of the aluminium tube, you can use the device as a hand held roller, similar to The Stick or the Beastie Bar. This is great for those on a budget who might not have the money to both items, as the enso Muscle Roller can double up as both.

Evofit enso Muscle Roller 3

The Bad

Price – Selling for $89, the Evofit enso Muscle Roller is one of the more expensive mobility tools on the market. It’s around $25 more than the highly priced RumbleRoller and up to $60 more than a standard foam roller the same size. With its multi purpose features the item’s price can be justified and if you have the money the device you probably won’t be disappointed. However, if you are on a budget, you might be better off buying a cheaper, alternative mobility tool.

Confusing – On first glance, the Evofit enso Muscle Roller looks more like something you’d see at a building site than mobility device. The aluminium tube and it’s numerous discs are not only ‘industrial’ looking but also quite confusing. Like most new products I receive, I pulled the enso roller of the box and gave it a test try straight away, without even looking at the instructions included. It’s fair to say I had no idea what to do with it! The good news, is that Evofit have provided a number of in-depth demo videos to teach you how to use the device effectively and how to get the best results while using the Muscle Roller. Without these videos, it would have taken me a lot longer to get used to using the device.

No Larger Size – The enso Muscle Roller does come in a smaller ‘travel’ size, which is great for those who like to carry a roller with them regularly. However, there is no larger size available. Personally, I prefer to use longer foam rollers where I can roll out my entire body. At this stage the enso Muscle Roller is only available in the standard 13″ length and the smaller ‘travel’ size.

Heavy – While the enso Muscle Roller is made from aluminium, it is still a little bit heavier than other rollers on the market. By no means will it weigh your bag down, but it is worth noting if you are travelling overseas and trying to keep your baggage weight down.

Evofit enso Muscle Roller 4


Despite my initial concerns, I had a positive experience using the Evofit enso Muscle Roller.

The device’s adjustable features made it a lot easier to target specific muscle groups and get some deep tissue muscle relief. Unlike standard flat, foam rollers, the cylinder discs used in the enso Muscle Roller are more effective at targeting tight areas in the body.

Before I starting using this device the RumbleRoller was my favourite muscle roller, but now I put it on par with the enso product.

The price, however, is a real sticking point. As I mentioned earlier, the Evofit enso Muscle Roller is one of the more expensive products on the market, but personally I think it’s worth the price.

You have to remember it also doubles up as a hand roller with its adjustable features, meaning it offers a bit more than other rollers on the market. While I don’t use the hand rolling feature too often, as I prefer to use a Beastie Bar, it’s good to know you have that function if you need it.

There are many great mobility tools available these days and the Evofit enso Muscle Roller is one of them. While you might be able to find a cheaper alternative that works effectively for you, those who actually purchase the device shouldn’t be disappointed.


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