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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open: 12.1 Day Three Results

Day three and the 2012 CrossFit Open leaderboards are starting to heat up! Despite the men’s division staying fairly stagnant, overnight the women have again seen a dramatic change not only to the top ten but the top three positions. The Teams division has also seen a shake up to the leader board with yesterday’s front runner dropping down the table.

72-hours into workout 12.1 here is where we stand at 12pm Sydney time, 5pm Pacific Time.

Reebok CrossFit Open Womens Leader Board Day 3 12.1

2012 CrossFit Open Women’s Leaderboard Day 3

For the women, yesterday’s leaders Emily Bridgers, Samantha Briggs and Jessica Pinkerton who all tied for first place with 133-repetitions, have today dropped to third, along side three other new entrants to the top ten, Annie Mello, Michelle Sribyatta and Valerie Voborill, all with 133-reps.

Ali Murdoch, Tiffany Radaz and Katie Schmitz who yesterday tied for 9th place with 125-reps, have all been replaced with a four-way tie for the position with Jennifer Butler, Nellie Garcia, Penny Kemp and Michele Letendre all scoring 132-repetitions.

Jolene Grant’s 136-reps performance now secures her first place. She is followed closely behind by Jessica Myers in second with 134-repetitions.

Reebok CrossFit Open Mens Leader Board Day 3 12.1

2012 CrossFit Open Men’s Leaderboard Day 3

As mentioned not much has changed on the men’s leader board. Drew Mckenize (158-rep), Travis Page (154-reps) and Jesse Llopis (150-reps) all still hold the top three places. However, Tom Schwader and Dave Schwanke (141-reps) who yesterday tied for tenth place have now been pushed out of the top ten. To obtain a place in todays top ten, the minimum required reps is 144, a score that was achieved by Chad Augustin, Irving Hernandez, Donavan Kirk and Jason Regler, tying them in ninth position.

Reebok CrossFit Open Teams Leader Board Day 3 12.1

2012 CrossFit Open Teams Leaderboard Day 3

At this time yesterday, Schwartz CrossFit Melbourne was the only team to have cracked the 700+ mark with 717-reps. Despite increasing their score overnight to 720-reps, they have dropped from first to fifth place. Today every team in the top ten broke the 700+ mark with the leader, RCF Honey Badgers scoring 754-repetitions. Following them in second place is CrossFit Deep Ellum with 730-reps just ahead of the 2010 Affiliate Cup Champions, CrossFit Fort Vancouver who tied for third place alongside CrossFit Quebec with 729-reps. Equipe CrossFit Laval rounds out the top ten with 711-repetitions.

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