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2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open: 12.1 Day Two Results

So 48-hours after CrossFit Open workout 12.1 was released, the leaderboards have seen some dramatic changes. Since releasing yesterday’s first 24-hour results, only the men’s individual division was able to hold onto the top two spots. Both the women’s and the team’s categories not only changed the top three places, but practically the entire shape of the field.

Consequently 48-hours into the workout 12.1 here is where we stand just after 12pm Sydney time, 5pm Pacific.

Womens 48-hours 12.1 Leader Board

Womens 48-hours 12.1 Leaderboard

For the women, yesterdays first place Kaite Schmitz 125-repetitions have dropped her down the field to a now tied 9th position, along side Tiffany Radaz. First place is now a three way tie, with Emily Bridgers, the always dominant Samantha Briggs and Jessica Pinkerton all sitting on 133-repetitions.

Mens 48-hours 12.1 Leader Board

Mens 48-hours 12.1 Leaderboard

The men, unlike the women have not had as much movement the in rankings. Drew Mckenzie, who was in first place yesterday with 158-reps and Travis Page in second with 154, both still hold those positions as of writing today. Although third place has changed, with Jesse Llopis now holding that top spot with 150-repetitions. Rounding out the top ten and much like the women, it is a tied event with both Tom Schwander and Dave Schwanke scoring 141-repetitions respectively.

Teams 48-hours 12.1 Leader Board

Teams 48-hours 12.1 Leaderboard

The affiliate team’s have seen the most movement in the rankings with only one of the teams in yesterdays top ten still in the field. CrossFit PB who was sitting in 8th position yesterday with a combined total of 590-repetitions, is today 9th after increasing their reps to 664.

Yesterday’s leader CrossFit Wilmington, who at the time had 629-reps increased them overnight to 650, but has still dropped to 12th position. Which brings us to today’s leader and is the only team so far to break the 700+ mark. First place today goes to the always-dominant powerhouse, Schwatzs CrossFit Melbourne with 717 reps. They are followed by a tied second place which goes to CrossFit Miles Militis and Team CrossFit IoTA both scoring 687 reps.

It has been an amazing 48-hours I can’t wait to see what happens at the 72 hour mark.

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