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Quick Ways for Athletes to Clear Their Skin

Athletes to Clear Their Skin

Like most athletes, CrossFitters can sweat big time during training. While sweating is good as it helps push out bacteria, dirt and oils, unless it is removed properly, it can cause some issues for your face.

Sometimes your skin just looks bad. You can’t always avoid it, and it can be caused by dozens of different factors, from major medical problems to a simple change in the weather. Helping your skin clear up is a great way to keep yourself looking great whenever this happens, but some methods can take a lot longer than others.

Here are a few quick ways to help you clear up your skin and get back to your normal appearance.

Wash Your Face Regularly

A lot of people underestimate the power of washing your face, and it’s one of the quickest, easiest ways to get rid of minor problems in a hurry. It can actually achieve two different things: not only will it get rid of anything on your face (dirt, dead skin, dust, etc.), but it’ll also help your skin stay naturally clearer on a daily basis.

There’s a lot of ways you can clean your skin, but the easiest way is with cleansing wipes. They take very little effort to use, and unlike actual water you don’t need to dry yourself off afterward, meaning that you can use them ever night before you sleep. You’ll wake up with clearer skin and a healthier, happier face.

Be careful not to over-wash it, though. Your skin has natural oils that help it grow and stay healthy, and washing too much can make it dry, flaky or even cracked. You might have noticed this on your hands before if you’re a compulsive hand-washer – you wouldn’t want it on your face.

Manage Oil

Oil is one of the harder parts of skincare to understand since it’s not always a purely good or bad thing. Too much of certain oils can make your face look greasy, but too little of others can make you dry and flaky. A good balance is important, and knowing where to draw the line can take some trial and error to get right.

This applies to products too. Tamanu Oil for skin is great for moisturization, so a lot of it can help, but some other products might contain oils that you want to keep to a minimum. Finding a balance and managing how much you use is important, so take a few minutes to check over your current products and see how many bad oils you’re actually putting on your body.

Tone Down Your Routine

One of the biggest skincare mistakes many people make, regardless of whether they’re male or female, is putting too many products on their face.

Just like oils, there’s such a thing as ‘too much’, and it’ll affect both your appearance and your health. Even if you look fine on the outside, you can be doing long-term harm to your skin. Think of skincare products like makeup – do enough to look good, but don’t layer product upon product on your skin and expect everything to be fine.

Your body can only take so much at once, and artificial chemicals can be dangerous in large amounts, even if they’re normally fine. In addition to all this, weekly visits to a medical spa can do miracles to your skin. With multiple non-evasive procedures with virtually zero downtime there is no stopping you.

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