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Pepsi Special: Could this Drink Help You lose Weight?

Pepsi Special

Pepsi Special

Pepsi has just released a new line of soda in Japan called, Pepsi Special. Believe it or not, Pepsi claim the beverage will actually make you lose weight.

The new drink has just gone on sale this week in Japan. It is said to contain dextrin that its maker claims will help reduce fat levels within your body.

As the theory goes, the dextrin will act like a fibre and bind with fats helping them to be secreted by your body.

It does sound questionable, yet Popular Science noted, “A 2006 Japanese study indicated that rats fed dextrin and fat at the same time absorbed less fat than rats that weren’t fed dextrin.”

Although that finding was tempered by an alternate statement in which they said, “But what works for rats may not work for people, and anyway, “There’s no study that shows that putting dextrin in a beverage is going to cause weight loss. After all, soda has a fair amount of calories,” says Joan Salge Blake, a nutrition expert for Boston University and spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.”

Check out the news report below and let us know what you think. Would you give this a try?

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