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  • How to Improve Handstand Push-ups

    There’s no doubt the handstand pushup (HSPU) is one of the hardest functional fitness movements to master. Along with muscleups and...

    John Michael BricJune 20, 2012
  • Eurosport’s “The Box” Episodes 7 and 8

    Another week brings forth two more great episodes of Eurosport’s CrossFit series, “The Box.” As always we embedded those two episodes below. Not...

    Michael McCoyJune 19, 2012
  • Lumbo-pelvic Control: What you need to know

    In my last article I made the somewhat controversial claim that CrossFitters generally have rubbish core and lumbo-pelvic control. Whilst I...

    Jessica AckadJune 19, 2012
  • WOD Gear Team Series Event: July 28

    It might not be the CrossFit Games, but WOD Gear is getting ready for their second annual team competition. On July...

    John Michael BricJune 14, 2012
  • CrossFit in the New York Times

    Another CrossFit story appeared in the New York Times this week. The article, titled, ‘A Military Regimen: Bring the Pain’ was...

    John Michael BricJune 11, 2012
  • Pomegranate Power: 6 Reasons to Eat

    Pomegranates have been admired for their distinct taste and exotic appearance for centuries. The fruit was first discovered in Mesopotamia, (modern...

    Emma NicoleJune 10, 2012
  • Again Faster Launches in Australia

    Again Faster has continued its world wide growth, launching their Australian based website today. The functional fitness equipment supplier now has...

    John Michael BricJune 7, 2012
  • CrossFit for Hope

    The CrossFit world will take part in a new WOD this Saturday with CrossFIt for Hope taking place across the world....

    John Michael BricJune 6, 2012

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