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Modafinil Promotes Wakefulness

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According to research findings, over the past few years there has been an increase in the abuse of cognitive-enhancing drugs. People are looking to boost their productivity, combat fatigue, and enhance their intellectual capabilities. That’s why they turn to Modafinil.

But, does Modafinil promote wakefulness? And if so, how does it work? Does it heal other medical conditions? What are its side effects? What is the right dosage for Modafinil?

Well, if this is these are the questions you are seeking answers, keep reading. is going to delve into the topic and help you understand everything concerning Modafinil. It’s important you do your own in-depth review of Modafinil​​​​​​​ before taking it regularly.

The Stats

According to the stats, about 7-20 percent of college students in the United States of America do abuse the Modafinil drug. Another research conducted in Germany revealed that 8.8 per cent of surgeons prescribed Modafinil for patients for recreational purposes. 

Ideally, Modafinil is supposed to be less addictive as compared to other psychostimulants such as amphetamine. How the drug works still remain unsolved. However, it does come with a lot of side effects. Thus, it’s advisable to avoid abusing it.

Understanding Modafinil

Also known as wakefulness-promoting agents, experts think that it increases the availability of the synaptic neurotransmitter. Thus, it stimulates the production of neurotransmitters like monoamines, dopamine, adenosine, histamine, among others. Then Modafinil works by affecting the hypothalamus as well as amygdale—important brain parts.

Available in tablets, Modafinil should be taken once per day. Normally, if you work during the day, you should take a Modafinil tablet in the morning. However, you should ensure that you are on an empty stomach before taking this drug. On the other hand, if you work on shifts, it’s advisable to take Modafinil just before the shift begins. It will promote wakefulness throughout the shift hours.

What does it treat?

According to experts, Modafinil can be used to treat a myriad of conditions. However, it’s effective in the treatment of conditions associated with consciousness, arousal, as well as wakefulness. The following are common conditions that Modafinil can treat:

Narcolepsy—if you are suffering from narcolepsy, you can count on Modafinil. It has powerful properties to help you best the condition.

ADHDADHD is a common disease. As a common mental problem, ADHD can really pin you down. However, you can still deal with it. With Modafinil, you have a powerful drug that can minimize its effects on the body.

Shift-work related sleep disorders and palliative—do you fall asleep during your night shifts? Well, take Modafinil and work in style.

Obstructive sleep apnea and end-of-life care – If you are suffering from sleep apnea, Modafinil may also be helpful.

Traumatic brain injury and depression –Depression can also be cured by Modafinil.

It’s also important to note that medical specialists prefer prescribing psychostimulants such as Modafinil when it comes to palliative and end-of-life care. This is because Modafinil tends to improve mood faster than other psychiatric medications. Plus, Modafinil it doesn’t have a lot of dependence.

Effects of Modafinil

According to experts, Modafinil does come with a few adverse effects. They include:

  • Vomiting and Nausea
  • Chest pain, hoarseness, and constipation
  • Sweating and difficulty breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat and hallucinations
  • Agitation and Anxiety
  • Insomnia and Diarrhea

Other Side Effects

Other side effects of Modafinil include suicidal thoughts, blisters, rashes, and hives. You can find out more about side effects online with a number of sites like Modafinil Bear offering a plethora of info.


Contact your doctor as soon as you experience these adverse effects. On the other hand, an overdose can lead to adverse effects like insomnia, restless, and chest pain. Also, nausea and confusion can be a result of the overdose of Modafinil. Thus, if you suspect that you have taken an overdose, consider calling an emergency team.


Not everybody can use Modafinil. Thus, don’t use it before consulting your doctor. Make sure you get the correct prescription from a certified doctor. Plus, inform your doctor of the following before getting prescriptions:

Allergy to Modafinil:

  • Antidepressant medications like SSRIs, TCAs, as well as benzodiazepines
  • Anti seizure medications such as phenytoin or carbamazepine
  • Antifungal medications including itraconazole as well as ketoconazole
  • Drug-dependency—especially the illicit ones
  • If you are using any vitamins, nutritional supplements, or herbal supplements
  • Modafinil Dosage

Dosage for Narcolepsy

If you are suffering from narcolepsy, take 200 mg orally. Also, be sure to consume it once per day. Even more, take in the morning.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

If you are suffering from sleep apnea, you are advised to take 200 mg of Modafinil in the morning. Also, ensure that you take it during the morning. It’s also important to note that the Modafinil drug doesn’t treat obstructive sleep apnea (abbreviated as OAS). In particular, the drug cannot treat the underlying obstruction. The drug can be used to improve the level of wakefulness for people suffering from excessive sleepiness that is usually brought about by narcolepsy and OSA.

Shift Work-Based Sleep Disorder—the Modafinil Dosage

If you work on a shift basis, consume one tablet of Modafinil (i.e. 200 mg). The drug should be taken orally and before the shift sets in. Important, ensure you take it about 1 hour to your shift. The drug is effective in patients suffering from shift disorders commonly associated with shift work based disorder.


Besides oral consumption, you can take the drug with your normal food. Don’t break the tablet. Swallow it as a whole. Store the drug at a temperature of between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius (i.e. 68 and 77 Fahrenheit).

Doctor’s Advice

This drug can increase your chances of getting pregnant—especially if you are using hormonal birth control techniques. So, if you are on any birth control pills, be sure to discuss it with your doctor. Popular birth control methods include patches, implants, and UIDs. 

Don’t take this drug and head straight to driving. The same applies to operate machinery. First, evaluate the effects it has on your body before you can operate any machinery. Don’t take alcohol with this drug. It’s also important to note that this drug can help improve your sleep. However, it isn’t a solution to quality, enough sleep. So, consider maintaining good sleep hygiene. Also, talk to your doctor about your inability to sleep enough. Remember, this is a drug like any other. So, don’t abuse it.

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