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How to Start Doing CrossFit in University

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CrossFit is a fitness system that was created by Coach Greg Glassman to improve peoples’ cardiovascular fitness and overall wellbeing in a hardcore but encouraging environment. CrossFit is a popular strength program in most police divisions, tactical teams, and military operation units. Most martial artists and professional athletes have also embraced it.

CrossFit borrows its movements from different types of sports such as powerlifting, gymnastics, rowing, and weightlifting to name a few. This maximizes the amount of work to be performed in the shortest time possible.

This workout will test different parts of your functional strength and conditioning every day. Its goal is not to help you specialize in one thing but to build a body that’s capable of almost everything. Be prepared to put lots of effort and quite some time into the training sessions. Luckily, even for busy students, these days there are ways to carve out some free time. For instance, you can delegate some assignments to the EssayPro experts and leave the worries behind. So, no more excuses – here are a few tips on how one can start doing CrossFit at University

Activities in a CrossFit Class

All CrossFit classes are broken up into three distinct parts namely the warmup, strength or skill, and the workout of the day. The warmup is usually tailored to the strength component to prep you for the next series of events. The goal of skilled workouts is to improve your ability to do specific exercises while that of strength workouts is to make you stronger.

The workout of the day is all about performing a specific set of exercises in a specified time frame. Workout of the day is made up of full-body workouts which range anywhere from eight to sixteen minutes. It can also be as short as three.

A three-minute workout sounds like a joke. But if you increase the intensity to 95 percent, you’ll take a couple of hours to fully recover. Different gyms have unique workout of the day plans.

Doing all the necessary movements properly requires time. Since you are a student with assignments and projects to complete, it’s important to read free essay samples by Samplius and hire a writer to achieve your goals.

Before starting your CrossFit journey

When you start your CrossFit journey, you’ll probably see others lifting 300 pounds or doing things that you never thought possible. As a beginner, the temptation to copy others is usually strong. But don’t do this.

Your goal is not to compete with others but to strengthen your body and improve your overall wellbeing. You should start by lifting an empty barbell until you master all the movements. Do not be in a hurry to lift heavyweights. Everything worthwhile takes time.

It’s very important to manage your expectations when starting your CrossFit journey. Don’t expect quick results. Your overall fitness level will improve as long as you follow the instructions and exercise patience.

Is CrossFit risky?

Just like any other form of exercise, CrossFit has its risks. According to a research study conducted by the Orthopedic Journal of Sports Medicine, CrossFit is safer than most types of training. However, beginners who train less than three days a week have are likely to get injured because they are unfamiliar with the movements.

The study also shows that people who train with experienced and understanding coaches who help them through the movements are less likely to be injured. Therefore, finding a gym that prioritizes safety is important.

You can also increase the risk of injury when you push yourself too hard. As we said earlier, patience pays. Your results will start showing if you follow your coach’s instructions.

Finding a CrossFit Gym

Most gyms usually offer introductory classes which you shouldn’t ignore. It’s important to ask other members about their training experiences at the gym. This will help you make an informed decision. Also, your coach’s leadership skills will determine how far you’ll go. If the classes have no structure, that’s a problem.

Don’t be afraid to ask your coach questions. Ask about the movements and other great tips that will help you achieve your goals faster. While training, your coach should pay attention to the class and not his or her phone. Negligence should not be tolerated.


So, is CrossFit right for you? It all depends on what you want to achieve. CrossFit is a generalized workout that is ideal for the masses. If your goals are specific and organized, CrossFit isn’t ideal for you. It’s important to talk about your goals with your trainer before starting your classes to avoid wasting time and energy. 

CrossFit is also ideal for people who are already comfortable with lifting weights. Since this form of exercise is very practical, now is the time to dive into it and experience everything. Chances are, you won’t regret investing your time and energy in this course.


Jeramy Ryanolds is a professional content writer and proofreader. He loves inspiring young men and women to achieve their health and academic goals. During his leisure time, he trains with his friends or plays with his toddlers.

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