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How to Promote a Fitness Trainer Account

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How to promote a fitness trainer account on Instagram? If you are looking for an answer to this question, then most likely you expect to find an effective promotion algorithm that will be easy to implement. In this article, you will learn about the step-by-step promotion of a fitness trainer’s profile, as well as many really important nuances of self-promotion: how to create posts correctly, when to post them, what material is interesting to subscribers? Let’s figure it out together.


Every popular blogger, singer or dancer also started their career with a couple of hundred subscribers. It is important to understand that the interest of subscribers to the profile in the first place depends on the interest in the account owner. To make your coach account more popular, it is not enough to post photos of a fit and beautiful body or a photo from the gym.

The ideal option would be to draw up a content plan for the whole month, as this will make it possible to plan the schedule for posting materials in advance and prepare the necessary content. In the plan itself, you need to include not only your own experience, but also all sorts of useful articles, you can add a block of tips for beginners, various promotions and contests, and advertising. After drawing up a plan, you can proceed to the first step, namely the design of a profile.


So that you do not have to buy Instagram likes in the future, you should take care of the design of the profile in advance. It is important to arrange the account correctly so that the subscriber likes it and wants to continue browsing.

What needs to be included:

  • a beautiful main picture (so that the face of the account owner can be seen) and personal data. Your real name and surname and, if necessary, contact details must be indicated;
  • description. Try to come up with something interesting, add intrigue, use emoji, and also remember that humor will add interest to you.

It is very important to keep this in mind at the initial stage of creating a profile, as it will help you gain a large audience without having to buy likes on Instagram.


Developing content for a blog is a long and difficult job. The presence of interesting posts with high-quality and relevant photos, feedback from subscribers, regular Stories and live broadcasts… Each type of content posted contributes to the promotion of a sports coach’s profile.

Use statistics to keep track of the most popular topics and posts. This will give you the opportunity to post more posts on topics that your followers are really interested in and not post boring stuff. One of the keys to the success of the blog is the high level of skill of the trainer. If you are not confident in your abilities and professionalism, then subscribers will especially not trust your words.

We offer several options for post topics that can be placed on the profile of a fitness trainer:

  1. Proper nutrition. Food is always popular, and healthy food is even more so! Post simple but useful recipes with step-by-step descriptions. Don’t forget about the beautiful photo of the end result!
  2. Small posts on the topic of health and sports. Remember that the article must be truthful and contain useful information. You should not make copies of articles from the Internet, since everyone can find the right article if they wish. It is better to write small but exclusive texts on your own.

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