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How To Keep Your Gym Clean And Fully-Sanitized During The Pandemic


The recent outbreak of COVID-19 shows how easily communicable diseases can spread in crowded urban environments. With more people traveling globally than ever before, the chances for disease outbreaks are greater this time around. If you’re newly fit, your immune system is still “training” to fight infections. You must take extra steps to protect yourself during an outbreak, especially since even mild symptoms can be contagious.

When owning a gym during pandemics, it’s important to remember that everyone is a potential disease carrier. Even if they don’t have symptoms. The best way to fight infection spread is through prevention. So you need to prioritize your cleaning and disinfecting routine before each class. Here are some tips on how to maintain the safest  and cleanest workout facility possible:

Hire A Professional Cleaning Service

You’re already working long hours, so don’t add another burden to your list. Hire a company that offers Sydney gym cleaning services and that specializes in this field. They should be trained to use certified disinfectants and work with other businesses that are dealing with the same issues at their facility. It may be a bit pricey but the cost of hiring a professional is always justified by the results. Especially during pandemics.

They will visit your gym regularly and keep up to date on the latest trends and products. They should also provide you with a list of health and safety procedures, to give you peace of mind. Also, they will provide you with certificates, licenses, and other documents to make sure you don’t become a victim of fraud.

Have A System In Place

To run a smooth cleaning operation throughout the gym, you need to have a system in place so everyone knows their role. And how it’s done. Review with your staff exactly what needs to be done when someone vomits or has explosive diarrhea. And make sure that they know where all emergency supplies are located.

You’ll also want a verbal plan on how employees deal with coughing clients. Ideally, they should ask them to leave until they feel better. New staff members must be trained before you’re forced into a scenario with an illness outbreak at your facility.  Since most people will try to tough out their symptoms until after work is over, make sure your gym staff is empowered to remove any sick clients immediately. There will be some who won’t listen to reason, since they’re in denial about how contagious they are.

Always Use Certified Disinfectants And Cleaners

Ensure that any cleaning products used are C-TICK certified before purchasing them. It’s recommended to use at least one disinfectant which is specifically designed to kill microbes on surfaces and another cleaner for general dirt and grime. Allowing surface infections to fester can lead to outbreaks among members. So make sure these products are readily available in stores near your gym equipment before an outbreak occurs. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough, so don’t skimp on the costs when buying these cleaning products.

Disinfectant wipes are also a good way to spot-treat areas that are particularly unsanitary or if you’re pressed for time. You can get them at any local grocery store or pharmacy in your area. But make sure they’re C-TICK certified before purchasing them. They should say clearly on the package that they kill COVID-19 and reduce your risk of infection by over 70%. If not for general health purposes, disinfectant wipes are vital during pandemics because of their ease of use and portability.

Designate Sinks And Trashcans For Washing Hands

You should designate separate sinks and trashcans for washing hands. This is because many viruses can remain on your skin for hours before transmission. Placing these items next to the entrance or in front of bathrooms will get everyone into the habit of washing up before and after working out. Which is a good practice to get into even without pandemics.

Make sure all employees know how to properly wash their hands with soap and water (20 seconds). And appoint somebody to be in charge of reminding them throughout the day. You can also install hand sanitizer dispensers near change rooms and main areas so people have easy access to them. Hand sanitizers should always contain chemicals that neutralize COVID-19, such as ethanol or octanoic acid.

Limit The Number Of People In Your Gym At One Time

This should be a no-brainer, but you will need to limit the number of people in your gym at any one time. During an epidemic, there’s always the threat that somebody might start vomiting unexpectedly and infect other members before they can escape or receive assistance. With this factored into play, it makes sense why – for safety reasons – limiting the number of people in your gym is essential during pandemics. Part of limiting the number of members entails creating policies where new clients cannot enter after a certain time (8 PM). And ensuring that returning members who feel sick go home instead of working out.

Employees should also have access to another location where they can go during an outbreak while they receive a replacement. And you’ll want to provide them with masks and gloves for their protection. You will also need some sort of communication system in case any employees need to be contacted quickly.

Hire More Staff During Busy Hours

During an outbreak, it’s always good to have more people on the floor. There is a possibility that many of your clients won’t show up regularly or at all. However, having enough staff to give customers personable service will help calm them during the crisis. It will also allow them to focus on cleaning up the gym instead of having to juggle multiple clients. Besides, your clients will appreciate the fact that they can get more of your employees’ time and attention during a rough time.

Keep A Supply Of Mask And Gloves Handy For Employees

Masks and gloves are not only for the customers. You should have a supply of them on hand to give to your employees so they can get more work done with less chance of infection. If somebody has COVID-19, you will also need protection for your employees while they deal with that individual or escort him outside until an ambulance arrives.

The masks should be fit-tested to ensure that there are no leaks, whereas the gloves should be easily accessible in easy-to-open packages. Make sure all employees know how to use them properly, and provide at least one pair of each per client/employee if an epidemic occurs during your peak hours.

It is critical to understand infectious diseases and the importance of proper hygiene during pandemics. This doesn’t mean that you need to go overboard with your workout center’s safety measures, but it does mean that you should make some adjustments during times where viruses are rampant. Keeping these cleaning tips in mind will help you get through the next crisis with your gym’s safety and reputation intact.

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