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How to Choose the Right Workout Clothes

Crossfit clothes

The process of choosing workout clothes can seem like a daunting task. Especially if you decide to shop online: you’ll be greeted by a multitude of seemingly identical products from a variety of brands. Only the prices and brands will surprise you with their variety.

Choosing the right clothes for your first exercise can be tricky, especially if you haven’t tried it before: what material to select, how to understand the quality of the product, etc. Many athletes still have these problems too. Any sports fan can read about How to Bet on MLS and find best betting options, just follow the link.

To help those just starting in sports, we’ve decided to specify the most critical purchase details.


Some fabrics have the property that they can either let moisture through or absorb it in. Different qualities are helpful in different situations.

Basically, these fabrics are called breathable, and marketers often use the term ‘Dry Fit’ for those that leave the body dry after exercise. Whatever they are called, their objectives are generally the same.

Before buying exercise clothing, the first thing to look for is the composition: you want a mix of natural cotton (80-90%) or spandex/polyester. Also, look at the garment’s weight, and choose the lightest one that’s the least uncomfortable for you. It’s the clothes from mixed fabrics that have the least weight.

Price / Value

When choosing clothes, don’t look for the brand name first. Especially if you only plan to work out at home where no one will see you anyway. Think wisely: is the product really worth the money, or are you paying a premium for the manufacturer’s name?

On the other hand, big companies often present really great innovations. When these technologies are beneficial and suited to your sporting needs, why not spend the extra money on them?

Fitting is a must

Although it’s not often written about or talked about, it’s what makes your performance in the gym depend on it. When you put on your clothes, you should feel as comfortable as possible and have the freedom to do so. Such details are still impossible to grasp when you purchase an item in an online shop.

The only option is to buy from the same brand whose clothes you have already tried and purchased. Otherwise, returns can cost quite a bit of money. When shopping online, make sure you understand the return and exchange policies. In the future, if you don’t like a piece of clothing, you might be able to return it (or you might not buy it in the first place).

Check ratings and reviews online

The Internet can definitely help with letting you know whether or not you’re planning to buy the right thing. Many video reviews, evaluations, and opinions can help you choose the perfect item, even if you haven’t understood anything about the subject before.

But beware: too many rave reviews can often lead to the suspicion that the company is ordering fakes. And this could mean that the product is far worse than described. So always use your head when buying.

Adhere to quality standards

If you have the chance to shop around and pick out clothes, make sure you take the time to do so. Later, when you go to the gym, you will thank yourself for not getting the first leggings you see.

  • In the fitting room of a sports shop, take the clothes you have chosen for your future purchase and do some simple tests with them.
  • Scratch the material a little. If it immediately has lint on it, it’s low quality and unsuitable for purchase and long sessions. Also, after a few washes, it will lose its shape and will only be suitable for wearing at home.
  • Stretch the garment slightly. If it quickly returns to its original appearance with no visible changes, then there’s an ideal composition. It’s perfect for any sport. If not, the manufacturer has economized on materials, and such a T-shirt or leggings will deteriorate quickly and are not worth buying.
  • Examine the inner seams and the zipper more closely. Won’t they rub and get in the way when you move quickly? Choose a rubberized zipper so that the metal won’t rust from contact with your sweaty skin.

Visibility for night training

For those who prefer to train at night, it’s a must to be visible so that other road users can react to you in time. This is important because many people like to listen to music while working out and may not hear the impending danger.

Buyers can solve this difficulty by wearing brightly colored gym clothing and reflectors. Although black is still the most popular color in the gym, our watchword is still ‘safety.’


But keeping it safe in the gym doesn’t stop you from being stylish. You can save your favorite pieces and colors and still feel comfortable.

Clothes now come in all kinds of designs and materials to express your individuality. That’s why playing sports is another way to express your style.

Keep your goals in mind

Your initial goal in exercising also plays a big part in your choice of insight clothing. This determines how hard you exercise and where you exercise: in the gym or outdoors.

Depending on many of these factors, you should also decide how many layers you want to wear. For example, many sports activities in the winter may require thermal underwear. If you don’t wear clothes that keep your body warm during strenuous exercise in the cold, you could get sick.

The opposite is true of activities such as yoga or aerobics, where you should wear light, loose-fitting clothing. A sensible approach will help you find comfortable clothes for every occasion.


Be it the one who loves sports all their life or just starting their way: correct clothes are essential to have. Without suitable fibers, you won’t feel comfortable in the beautiful T-shirt you chose. Any athlete having incorrect-sized clothing, which doesn’t fit, will never achieve the highest goals.

Maybe we’re exaggerating, but the feeling people have while training in the correct outfit does matter. And when you find the one that fits you the most, you’ll understand how significant the value of proper clothing.

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