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5 Important Health Supplements for Seniors

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The baby boomers have moved into their senior years as a vibrant and active generation. There are a variety of seniors, from the active to those that need the help of assisted living. No matter what lifestyle seniors are living, the same is true that as bodies age, they need more nutrients to stay healthy.

As we age, our bodies need more help to produce essential nutrients and vitamins. While a healthy diet is an essential part of staying vibrant and healthy, adding a variety of supplements can give you a boost in your vitality. If you struggle to stay hydrated, consider Chicago vitamin IV therapy, which allows you to supplement your body with vital nutrients while quickly hydrating you

Seniors that live independently or in an adult family home like Longhouse can benefit from adding valuable supplements to their routine. Let’s take a closer look at health supplements that are great for seniors.

Fish Oil

While the way that fish oil works to benefit the body is still largely unknown, its value in helping with many aging-related issues is undeniable. Fish oils contain valuable fatty acids that can help boost the body’s essential systems and prevent age-related illnesses. Fish oils have been credited with helping restore dry skin, improve eyesight, improve cognitive powers, assisting flawless wellness and fighting cancer. In addition, fish oil is reported to help improve your cardiovascular health by reducing the elevated levels of triglycerides that contribute to bad cholesterol.


Many seniors experience bone and joint health issues as they age. The loss of calcium can cause bones to become brittle and lose strength. Women who have gone through menopause are especially prone to developing bone loss issues with osteoporosis. As we age, our bodies naturally lose the power to regenerate essential bone density. A calcium supplement can help to replace the bone density that is naturally depleted over time.


It can be challenging for seniors to maintain a healthy gut. Natural digestion is a struggle for many seniors. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria found in dairy products like yogurt that help with digestion and support your digestional health. Adding a probiotic supplement is the right move for seniors who need to avoid dairy products due to other conditions or medications. 


CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant that helps maintain healthy energy levels and improves heart health and organ function. As the body ages, its ability to produce natural levels of CoQ10 is impaired. Adding a CoQ10 supplement to your routine is a great way to boost energy levels and keep your heart healthy. 


SAM-e is another essential compound that is naturally produced in the body. As your body ages, it’s less capable of producing the levels of SAM-e needed to keep your energy levels healthy. SAM-e is an amino acid and a powerful coenzyme that is used to transfer energy in the body. Seniors with low levels of SAM-e are prone to depression or low energy issues. SAM-e is known to help alleviate symptoms of depression by increasing the levels of serotonin and dopamine levels in the body.

The key to staying young is all about staying active, eating a healthy diet, and staying connected to loved ones. Adding essential nutrients and vitamins can help maintain your physical health. And keep you strong and healthy to get the most out of your golden years. 

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