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How To Choose The Best Cardio Machines For Your Home Gym

You don’t need to rely on the local gym to get your daily dose of cardio. The world can be your playground for cardiovascular exercises. But, sometimes, you want to stay at home to complete your daily fit fix. Fortunately, you can do cardio at home with the best exercise machines. 

Here are five tips to help you choose the best cardio machines for your home gym:

  • Know The Types Of Cardio Machines Available

The best cardio machines should offer benefits to get you closer to achieving your health and fitness goals. But, different devices exist on the market today, and each type offers unique benefits. Thus, you must know your fitness goals beforehand. Then, choose an appropriate cardio machine that can help you achieve those objectives. 

A few examples of cardio machines you can find on the market are:

  • Treadmills

Treadmills enable you to better perform one of the most straightforward cardiovascular exercises on the planet–walking. But, it doesn’t mean you can only use these cardio machines for that specific workout alone. 

You can use treadmills for jogging, running, and sprinting. Do these exercises at the comfort of your home, so you don’t have to worry about outdoor nuisances, like incoming traffic or rabid dogs. 

  • Stair Mills Or Steppers

As their name suggests, stair mills or steppers are devices that allow you to mimic the action of climbing flights of stairs. Regular stairs let you get from Point A to Point B; conversely, although these cardio machines allow you to begin from Point A, you won’t end at Point B. Instead, the stairs on these devices will rotate in an endless loop until you press the “Stop” button.

Fitness enthusiasts who wish to introduce high-impact cardiovascular exercises to their regular workout routine should consider getting a stair mill or stepper. 

Unlike treadmills, you’re not moving on a straight line. Instead, climbing stairs lets you add an extra layer of difficulty in the form of gravity. With gravity pulling you down, you exert more effort to continue the exercise.

  • Stationary Bicycles

You can sit and gain the necessary workout at home when you own a stationary bicycle. A stationary bike is excellent for people with back problems since you don’t need to hold your body in an upright position.

This exercise machine also lets you work out your legs more than other parts of the body. So, if you haven’t been working on your legs as of late, then this cardio device can be the best choice to add to your home gym. 

Many stationary bikes help you enhance the effectiveness of the workout by increasing the intensity of the pedal motion. Higher intensities need you to exert extra effort to pedal. The more work you put into each pedaling action, the more benefits you can gain from the exercise. 

Aside from the cardio machines mentioned above, other examples of home gym devices to help you gain your cardiovascular fix are elliptical and rowing machines. But, it would be best if you knew your fitness goals before you buy a cardiovascular exercise machine to let you gain the best value for your hard-earned cash. 

  • Check The Available Space In Your Home Gym

The last thing you’d want to happen is to buy a cardio machine only to find out that your house doesn’t have enough space for the device. Therefore, it’s vital to consider the available space before purchasing your chosen cardio equipment. 

Consider buying foldable equipment if your home gym has insufficient space. Foldable treadmills and stationary bikes exist on the market. But, this extra feature might put a bump on price tags. 

  • Read The Spec Sheet

Don’t let a long list of “bells and whistles” on a particular cardio machine distract you from spending your cash wisely. Opt for buying a cardiovascular device that will help motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. 

For example, if you like working out with music, you should buy a cardio device that allows you to connect your media-playing gadget to the machine. Conversely, you can purchase machines that come with pre-programmed exercises to help challenge yourself if you think you’ve already reached a plateau from your regular workout routine. 

  • Consider Your Budget

Pieces of home gym equipment can be an expensive investment. You can buy cardio machines that will make you spend a few hundred dollars. But, you can also spend the extra money on pricier devices with additional features. 

You can opt to buy mass-produced cardio equipment if you’re following a strict budget. However, the product you’re purchasing should have decent durability, or, else, you run the risk of buying a device that will break after a few weeks or months of use. 

Prepare to spend more than $1,000 if you want high-quality cardio machines. These devices might make you spend more money than initially intended, however the best cardiovascular machines should offer extra features to help you make the most out of each exercise session

  • Check Product Reviews

You may not be the only person on the planet who’s eyeing the same cardio machine. Perhaps, other people already bought that specific home gym equipment. If so, then there should be several online reviews you can check. 

Read customer reviews before making the final decision to purchase cardio fitness equipment. Many brands don’t include the drawbacks of their equipment to maximize their selling potential. So, customers talk about their experiences with those cardiovascular machines on the Internet. 

You can check websites, like online forums and social media groups, for feedback about the different cardio gym equipment on the market. Consequently, customers of a particular store may also leave comments on the product pages of online shops. These reviews will help you when deciding which piece of equipment to purchase for your home gym. 


The best cardio machine for your home gym should deliver the benefits you need to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Aim to buy a device that enables you to reach your objectives without letting you spend your entire allowance. Pick the right cardiovascular device, and you should gain excellent value for money from the purchase. 

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