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Home Exercise Equipment That Are Perfect for Small Spaces

functional fitness home gym

A Home Gym Makes It More Convenient To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

If you have only a small space for setting up your personal gym then finding the right equipment that fits it is not going to be an easy feat. Not only does it need to fit properly but at the same time, there should be enough space for you to do your workout comfortably without hurting yourself. When the area will look too cluttered, it can completely ruin the aesthetics of your place as well.

All the same, setting up a gym in your house is a great way to save some money that you would otherwise spend on obscene gym memberships. It will also give you complete freedom to work out whenever you want without putting any pressure on you.

Below are some exercise equipment that you can easily fit into a small space and make your life easier.

Under Desk Elliptical

You will always need a cardio machine to set up your home gym. However, some of them can be so bulky that they can take up the entire space you are thinking about allotting to your gym. You can get an under-desk elliptical that can be placed under your work desk. You can use them while you are working on your desk and you won’t even be bumping your knees. It’s a very good way to exercise for those people who sit in front of their computers for long hours due to work requirements. You can increase resistance levels and smoothly burn calories while you are working on your computer.

Yoga Ball

You can take your fitness routines a notch hires by getting yourself a yoga or exercise ball. If you are not too confident about using the ball then you can buy one which comes with a stability ring. This provides a great basis for repetitive sit-ups as well as squats. It is used for various types of stretching and core strengthening exercises. You can use this instead of an office chair when you are working from home. It helps you to save mover as well as gives your back the needed support.

Gorilla Bow

When you have a small space but still want to have some fitness equipment there, you need to think smart. Small and space-saving exercise equipment like Gorilla Bow can help you to work on various parts of your body like your arms, legs, chest, and core muscles. You can use it for weight lifting when you have space restrictions. It comes with multiple resistance bands so you can choose to do low or high-intensity workouts with it.

Vertical Climber

This is another cardio workout piece of equipment that comes with a foldable option. This is a climbing machine. The regular ones come in a vertical shape that makes is a good choice when you want to set them up in a small space. The vertical climber is vertical when in use as well as when you want to store it. It helps to tone your legs, abs, and arms. With minimum set-up, so you can easily lean it against the wall when storing it.

Exercise Bar

The exercise bar is small, compact, and can conveniently be put up in the doorway. It helps you to work on your arms, core, back, and chest muscles. It can take up to 300 lbs in capacity so you can do all the pull-ups you need and turn your doorway into a workout space. There are many types of exercises that you can do with an exercise bar along with adjustable grip positions that can help you to target specific muscle groups.

Exercise Bike

Cycling outdoors is a great experience. However, sometimes the weather can be too unkind and you will not be able to go out. At such times you can use your exercise bike indoors and still manage to tone your muscles. There are foldable options available that made storage easy even if you have a smaller space. They come with LCD screens that display how many calories you have burned, your heart rate along with the distance, and the time you have covered during your workout.

Punch Bag

Whether you are using it for exercising or venting out your frustration of the day, a punching bag is a great choice. It can be mounted on the door. For those who like to practice boxing, you can work on your jabs and hooks from the conform of your home. These punch bags are easy to set up and don’t damage the floor or walls.

Pull-up And Dip Bar

You can either get one that is fixed permanently or one that can be detached after you have used it. This ensures that it will not be an eyesore for you or your guest. You can detach it from the base and put it under your bed. The flat base on the other hand can be covered with a painting. It is good exercise equipment you can do more than one type of exercise. You can even mount it outdoors and enjoy some fresh air during your workout sessions.

Foam Exercise Mat

A foam mat that you use for a workout can look like a cool mat. Using this mat you can eliminate the complete preparation process needed for a workout. You will merely roll out your mat, change into comfortable clothes for working out and start your exercises. You can do sit-ups, yoga, abs and so much more. It is also helpful for stretching exercises that you should do after your workout is over. It gives a cushion for your body against the hard floor.

Foam Roller

This is the final yet important equipment you will need. A foam roller can help you to relax the muscles soreness and knots you feel after your workout. This will help you to be ready for your workout the next day. Make sure you learn how and where to use the foam roller as you will need some experience to be able to use it correctly.

The above-mentioned equipment can fit into the smallest of places and budgets. Therefore, there are no more excuses why you shouldn’t start working on your fitness goals right away.

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