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Having Trouble Losing Weight? Here Are Some Faster Solutions You Should Consider

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A good body makes us feel stronger, more confident, and energetic. But I am guessing that listing “lose weight” as one of your new year’s resolutions did not get you anywhere near your intended goal. Not to worry, there are always quicker alternatives that you can turn to in your weight-loss journey.

Severe cases of obesity are a serious problem that can pave the way to a multitude of diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, and many more. Health personnel has developed hundreds of tips and tricks to help regular individuals maintain their weight. However, the majority of these tips all boils down to eating healthy and exercising more.

While eating healthy and exercising more is technically correct, it may be misleading to some readers. After all, it does paint quite a vague idea of what really has to be done. The reality is that a single healthy diet and routine exercise that may work wonders in one individual’s weight may do absolutely nothing to another.

Fortunately, here are some faster ways to help you lose that extra weight. Avoid heart diseases, and live a stronger, longer, and relatively healthier lifestyle with these quick weight-loss solutions.

Prescription Medicine

We have to accept the reality that while exercise and healthy eating may be great advice, obesity and metabolic issues are actual problems that need medical treatment. In fact, many patients that have been clinically-diagnosed with insulin-resistance, Cushing’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome have reported that their illnesses lead them to obesity.

Patients with medical conditions preventing them from losing weight under normal conditions need more than just a change of lifestyle. Prescription medication can treat overweight and obesity in many different ways. Patients can choose from pills that make them less hungry or medicine that interferes with their body’s excessive fat absorption.

However, it is crucial to note that these medications only aid in weight loss and need to be partnered with a lifestyle program suited to your particular body type. They are replacement pills that can be taken regularly to lose excess weight. Prescription medicine can only speed up the process.

Medical Surgery

Approved weight-loss or bariatric surgery in general, make the necessary changes to your digestive system that aids weight-loss, especially in patients with serious health problems. If you research bariatric surgery overview, you’ll see that it treats various digestive system issues. It reduces the stomach’s size, adds medical devices to change the capacity, and many more.

You do not have to think of medical surgery as cheating in your weight-loss plan. In fact, doctors recommend this kind of surgery if your weight is causing you severe health problems that need immediate treatment. Surgery acts as a stepping stone to prepare your body for a new lifestyle with healthier alternatives and quicker results.

Metabolic Test

Skip the online tests or free quizzes offered on the internet that supposedly lets you know your metabolic rate. If you want accurate results, talk to your nutritionist and find a doctor who has the right equipment to conduct the test. Metabolic tests provide you with precise information regarding your body’s oxygen utilization and calorie-burning abilities.

The general procedure is relatively easy. The doctor will let you breathe into a tube that calculates the amount of oxygen inhaled, and carbon dioxide exhales within a specific amount of time. Other tests may include gathering blood samples and the likes. A clinically-performed metabolic test is more accurate than those found on the internet.

Once you get in touch with your nutritionist, they can devise the perfect eating plan and workout regime that makes the most out of your metabolic type. It is crucial to know your metabolic rate as different body types produce different responses to the same diet and exercise routine. In other words, Just because a particular diet worked for someone else doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you.

Eat Protein Not Carbs

Excessive carbohydrate consumption is the fastest way to gain weight. That said, it’s time to throw away those finger-licking food items like french fries, rice balls, pasta, and other sugary or processed foods. While they are undeniably tastier and better-looking than green and leafy vegetables, these types of bad carbohydrates make you fat incredibly fast.

Protein, on the other hand, helps preserve your health and aids muscle mass growth. While reducing your carbohydrate intake enables you to decrease your fat mass, proteins work by increasing your bone and muscle mass, making you more robust in the process. Look for natural protein sources like meat, eggs, and plant products for better results.

If you hate vegetables, now might be the time for a change of heart. Including leafy green vegetables on your plate can ease your hunger without significantly increasing your calorie and carb intake. Besides, there are great recipes to make your newfound healthy-eating habits more enjoyable with a variety of tasty meals that you can try.

Get Moving

Let’s get realistic, even if you did take prescription medicine and had gotten rid of all those junk foods from the pantry, you can’t expect to burn calories without proper exercise. Even after bariatric surgery, doctors will advise you to start a new exercise routine that you must follow on a regular basis.

If you want some quick results, try partnering healthy eating patterns with a regular gym session at least three times a week. Try a new cardio workout or go out and run for an hour or two before preparing for work or school. Prescription medicine and diet help your body lose weight, but including a good exercise plan will definitely help you reach your goal in no time.

At the end of the day, of course, it boils down to a change in lifestyle. Even surgeries and prescription medicine will not let you get easy results. You need to work hard to maintain your health and wellness. There is no easy way to achieve your goals, so if you really want to lose weight and get back into shape, you need to be ready to commit.

Avoid unhealthy eating habits, junk food, or dramatically reducing your meal portions. Seek professional advice from your doctor or nutritionist. Know what works with your body type to get quick results. Drink lots of water and get your body moving.

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