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Face Makeup Tips Every Lady Should Know

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Every woman should know how to take good care of themselves. A lady needs to make herself look presentable. As such, it’s best to keep an eye on how you look, especially when going out.

Despite using the best dress, it’s equally important to apply cosmetics. Using makeup enhances that glow on your face and makes you more beautiful.  

Starting Fresh

The best makeup is achieved right after cleaning your face thoroughly. Wash it first, exfoliate, then moisturize to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Use warm water and do a gentle facial massage. 

Plum up those lines using the best serum, oil, or cream to make sure no gaps are present. Remember, you can’t do anything along the process. This means, no interruption should take place from start to finish.

Start With the Eyes

Do eye makeup before your face. This will save you the hassle of making a redo from any mess from your eyeliner. Not only that, but this also avoids messing up the contour of your face while going around. 

In addition, it’s advisable to place your extended lashes first before commencing the makeup process. The false lashes add an accent to your face. Contact your trusted false eyelashes manufacturer and have it shipped via an FBA forward company.

Eye Accenting

To add an accent to your eyes, it’s better to use neutral shadows. Just follow the simple rule of using cool tones for lighter eyes and warm tones for darker ones. You don’t need to cover everything up. 

Remember, you can add that sparkling look to your eyes by applying a shimmery, pale shadow on the lids. If you want to make your eyes appear larger, give your crease a shade and get rid of any fleshy overhang. Adding accents of charcoal and browns over gel eyeliners gives a subtle appearance.  

Shape Your Brows

Your brows add an accent to your facial expression. Therefore, keeping them in shape is essential. Take time to groom, extend, or fill in your brows. Despite wearing glasses or having bangs, it’s necessary to keep your brows in shape. 

Start with short, light strokes parallel with the brow’s direction using a brow pencil. Make it look more natural. A powder can do the trick of filling in sparse areas. Do this using a spiral brush. If you have none, you can use an old mascara wand. 

Move Towards the Edges

Once your eyes are done, you can now proceed with your face. Start by placing the foundation on the center of your face. Move it towards the sides using outward strokes. This should make a fade-away texture along the jawline that runs to the hairline. 

With circular motions, go back-and-forth through your nose, around the lips, and other corners of your face. Make sure to go through those creases and avoid the buildup of excess makeup. 

Get that Glow

Face makeup is used to restore the healthy glow of the skin. A warmer touch of makeup is better to achieve a more glowing appearance of the skin. Pick a luminous foundation to enable light to bounce back from your skin. This makes your face blooming and has that incandescent complexion. 

Choose the best foundation that can perfectly blend on your skin. Get rid of that mindset of not using makeup. Your best asset is having the perfect blooming look on your face. Just make sure to put the right amount and avoid that awful over-makeup. 

Makeup Brush

You don’t have to worry about those wrinkles on your face and aging lines. Everybody undergoes the aging process. And little will we know, we’ll soon have those marks and uneven skin contours. But don’t worry, applying makeup using a brush will do the trick. 

Applying foundation on the face using a brush evenly distributes it on your skin. It reaches the contours of your skin, covering everything from wrinkles up to aging lines. Use a thinner brush when doing makeup near your eyes. This helps in avoiding smudges on your face. 

Lip Exfoliation

You may not know this but the exfoliating process is not only limited to your face. It’s also applicable to your lips. Before applying your lipstick, make sure to exfoliate your lips first. This helps remove blemishes from your old lipstick and dead lips skin. 

The exfoliation process gets rid of dry skin on your lips. As a result, it enables you to have a softer, smoother canvas when applying your lipstick. However, always bear in mind that lip exfoliation should only be done once a week. More than that, and your lips will get irritated

Lipstick and Lip Liner

Your lip liner should have the same natural color as your lips. Start by tracing out your lip and correct any uneven edges. Make a perfect rounded bowline on the upper lip. Once you’re done with the edges, fill out the entire lips with the lip liner. 

This prevents having a two-tone lipstick and lip liner ring around your lips. Avoid using glossy lipstick. Pick the ones with a creamy consistency.

Melt Your Pencil Tip

Makeup products with creamy consistencies are best applied when warmed. Hence, warming up the tip of your pencil is necessary to achieve the best results. This will evenly distribute the product when applied. 

Unheated pencil tips often result in uneven application. Heating the tip of your pencil slightly over a flame brings out its best properties. You can use a lighter in doing the heating process. 


Face makeup enables you to achieve that glowing look. As a lady, it’s important to know how to apply face makeup. By following some of the basic steps in applying makeup makes you look beautiful. 

Choosing the best beauty products is also important. Order from your trusted cosmetics dealer and have them packed by the best pouch manufacturers. Share it with your friends and look beautiful.

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