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Effortless Ways To Shed Some Weight And Get In Shape

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Oftentimes, it’s easy to fall into routines and habits that negatively impact our bodies. When the pants keep getting tighter and tighter, and you have to spend more and more time looking for something to wear because nothing feels comfortable or attractive anymore, it’s time to make a few slight changes that can improve your body image. We’re aware that personal time and funds may run short for you. In fact, that’s probably why you’ve put on the extra weight. So, here is a list compiled of simple, fast, and low-cost ways you can shed a few pounds.

Utilize Online Fitness Courses or Apps

It’s no secret that the internet and mobile phones make our lives easier. Diet and fitness are included in this and have made it possible for busy soccer moms everywhere to take back their health and hit all of their fitness goals. The professionals behind GMB Fitness point out that the easiest way for you to get fit is to utilize the technology available to you and find a fitness app or online course that can whip you into shape! There’s no need for expensive personal trainers or gym membership when the answers are staring back at you from the device you’re looking at right now. 

Get the Blood Pumping

The cardio workout is essential for weight loss. Getting the heart racing and blood pumping not only have numerous health benefits aside from losing weight, but it’s also one of the easiest elements of any workout regiment. There’s no need for any equipment or even a lot of space. You can do burpees, rock climbers, or jumping jacks in the comfort of your home. Try to include one or all of these in your workout every day, as it’s an essential part of any workout. 

If you feel like getting some fresh air, then head on outside and do some sprints. Try sprinting for 100 meters and then walking back. If you can do 5-10 sprints in a single workout, twice a week, then you’ll see results in no time. 

Work the Muscles

A weight bench and barbell are not necessary for you to work the muscle groups. You can tone up your tummy with the wide range of sit up workouts out there. These sit-ups have proven effects on muscle strength and muscle endurance, and they’ll have results that will have you excited for swimsuit season. Alongside your situps, try doing planks as well, as they are excellent toning and strengthening exercises that work the muscles from neck to toe. 


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the latest, most popular form of exercise, especially for people on the go. Lasting between 30 and 45 minutes, your body will remain in motion for the duration of the time doing various movements that will keep the heart rate high. Simply put, it’s a combination of the most basic cardio workouts (burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope, mountain climbers, etc.) and weight training using dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted bags, etc. While this might not sound so “effortless,” it’s actually one of the easiest ways you can lose weight because of the simplicity of the movements and the short period of time it occupies. HIIT training is offered at most gyms as a class, but with a few basic pieces of equipment, it can be performed in the comfort of your own home.  

Drink Water and Eat Well

It’s advised to drink at least 8 ounces of water a day, but why stop there? Why not drink a liter, or three? Water for your body is like oil is for a car—it keeps everything running smoothly. It can also be used to ward off false hunger, which is extremely useful when dieting for obvious reasons. 

The only way someone can lose weight is by eating fewer calories than they burn. Even if you train for three hours a day, you cannot lose weight if the calories you take in exceed the amount that you burn. Additionally, sweets, processed foods, and carbs such as rice and potatoes will store very quickly unless you eat them within an hour of working out. So remember to stick to meats (or other sources of protein) and veggies for the first couple of months. Then, once the habit sticks, you can have a cheat meal where you can eat sweets or pasta. 

During this process, if you can focus on what you’re gaining (a healthier, fitter body) rather than what you’re losing (sweets and lazy days), then it will certainly be an effortless journey. Take everything one step at a time and get plenty of sleep to help your body recover, and you will see results in good time.

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