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5 CrossFit Pre Workout Meal Ideas

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CrossFit is a relatively new phenomenon, the idea being conceived first in 1996 and known as CrossFit Inc. from 2000 onwards. It is an exercise regime that includes different elements from other sports and forms of exercise. CrossFit is highly intensive. It is associated with thousands of gyms throughout the world, although most of these are based in the U.S.

Who uses CrossFit?

Due to its resounding popularity and success rates, CrossFit workouts have extended in a range far beyond the general public. Aside from professional or elite athletes, organized establishments such as the army and the police have used this method of practice. In particular, police training academies, special operations teams or tactical operations units, fire fighting units to name but a few.

Why is what you Eat important?

As with most fitness regimes, diet is very important. There’s no point in completing your usual daily exercise routine and stuffing your face with unhealthy foods. All benefits of working out hard can be quickly erased if your diet is not kept in check. People often wonder why they are not progressing well. Unfortunately, just settling into a new exercise pattern is not enough. All aspects must be looked at.

This also includes what you eat pre workout for CrossFit as it’s never a good idea to work out on an empty stomach. You will also have to take into account what foods are available to you and which of the choices you would actually enjoy eating. This can be a big help when you are getting started.

Some people like to eat, some people don’t, so it is more trial and error for each person.

In this article, we will take a look at some choices for you to tuck into before the workout that will set you up in good stead.

1. Coconut Oil

For both men and women, coconut oil is probably more popular and well known for its cosmetic uses. However, as well as helping with skin and hair products, it can also form an important part of your diet.

Despite it being a saturated fat, the fact it is absorbed easily without entailing full digestion provides an extraordinary boost for your upcoming workout.

Because the liver converts it, saturated fat is better than other fats for providing a boost of energy quickly. Also in its favor, is the fact that it is both carbohydrate-free and sugar-free.

Even small measures used in the cooking of meals with eggs, meat, fish, or vegetables can provide an increase in energy and stamina.

2. Greek yogurt and fruit

This can be a great choice if you are not allergic to dairy products. You have your choice of fruits to play with, of which banana seems to be the most recommended. 

This meal contains a protein boost from the yogurt and energy from whichever fruit you choose to go with it. This is also quite a popular meal because it is not heavy on the stomach and does not result in a bloated feeling pre-workout.

3. Wholemeal Bread

Highly popular with people in training and far more nutritionally beneficial than white bread. A big provider of carbohydrates, one of the advantages that wholemeal bread has that it can be eaten alone or put together with something else. 

From choices including almond butter, scrambled eggs, or avocado, the novelty factor of experimentation can keep you entertained in your quest for healthy eating.

4. Rice Cakes

These are seen as an easy and fast-digesting form of energy. Ensure the ones you pick don’t contain added sugar. Usually fat-free, a good serving suggestion is with nut butter or hummus. This is a simple meal that will provide a quick energy boost.

5. Smoothies

Don’t feel like eating? Some people consider smoothies so filling, it’s almost like having a full meal!

Can be easy to make and consumed at home or on the move. There are plenty of fruit smoothies to choose from, and whether you make it yourself or buy it, you should ensure there is no added sugar. Because it is in liquid form it can be a nourishing provider of fast acting glucose. If you wish to avoid muscle catabolism occurring while training, the simple addition of protein powder can help prevent this. All in all, smoothies are a quick and easy alternative for some.


CrossFit has become increasingly popular over the last twenty years. The amount of people using it is widespread and varies from the public to the professional. As well as the exercise part, diet also has to be taken into consideration when you are training. Everyone is different, trial and error will play a big part in what you feel you can eat before working out. If indeed, you feel like eating at all. There is no point in making yourself feel uncomfortable during your workout. You need to enjoy and get the most from your CrossFit workout.

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