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Different Types Of Creatine: Which One Is Right For You?

Swolverine: Kre-Alkalyn Creatine

If you’re passionate about working out, then you’re familiar with working hard to build muscles, increase your strength, and improve your performance. One of the most popular supplements among athletes is creatine. It is a natural substance that is produced by the body, specifically the liver. Increasing these supplement levels can boost your energy, help build muscles, increase your endurance, and improve your cognitive skills. This supplement’s popularity is on the rise as many people have seen its impact on their bodies and their overall performance.

The nutrient market is well aware of this supplement’s growing popularity. For this reason, they come up with new and enticing products all the time and market them as “the best supplement on the market”. This can confuse and overwhelm consumers. So, we have decided to make things easier for you by creating a list of different types to help you find the right one for you.


This is also known as HCL and is considered one of the most popular types of this supplement. This is mainly because it is highly soluble. Additionally, this product is usually marketed as a more effective option than some of its competitors. Since it is more soluble than other types, HCL can achieve the same results but with a lower dose. Less than one gram is used for one dose. HCL is made by binding a creatine molecule to hydrochloride to decrease pH levels.

Additionally, HCL doesn’t cause bloating or stomach problems like some of the other types. So, if you’ve suffered from cramps after using it before, you may consider trying the hydrochloride option since it won’t cause similar side effects.


This is a relatively new type of supplement. This type is made by binding a molecule of creatine to a molecule of nitrate. Just like the hydrochloride option, this supplement also provides effective benefits with a smaller dose. Research has indicated that nitrate can improve your workout performance and lifting volume. However, you will need to consume this supplement for 28 days before you start seeing real results.


If you are familiar with this particular supplementation, then you most probably have heard of monohydrate strain. It is easily the most superior, common, and popular type. Everything we have learned has come through studying the monohydrate version of this supplement. One of the many factors that make this type popular is that it’s cost-effective, which is why it is the one used and preferred by many athletes. The monohydrate is made by mixing water molecules with creatine. It can increase your muscle mass, improve your strength, and reduce fat in your body. This supplementation is pretty safe, effective, and cheaper than many other types.

Buffered Creatine Monohydrate

This is also known as “Kre-alkalyn”, and the reason behind its name is that it contains alkaline powder. It is another form of the monohydrate. The buffered type is made by combining micronized creatine monohydrate with alkaline powder. The powder enables the supplement to be easily absorbed into the muscles. Additionally, it reduces some of the monohydrate side effects like bloating. The buffered monohydrate can be more effective than its counterpart and can reduce body fat and increase strength for leg press exercises.


As is obvious from its name, this is a liquid form of the supplement. It is a lot easier to consume than other powder-based products. You can consume it without the need to mix it with water which makes it more convenient. The liquid may not be as effective as the monohydrate. However, if you are looking for a type that is more convenient and is easily absorbed, then you can give the liquid a chance.


The gluconate is all the rage right now, and manufacturers are claiming that this is the formula to beat. The gluconate is made by mixing creatine with glucose. This formula improves the absorption of the supplement in the muscles. The glucose speeds up the absorption process so the properties can reach the muscle cells faster and work their magic. This type can help you build more muscles, and improve your strength and endurance.

That said, you should be careful because gluconate can raise the glucose levels in your body which can interfere with the fast-breaking process.

Magnesium Chelate

Magnesium chelate is a supplement that is made by attaching magnesium to a creatine molecule. This type can increase your endurance and strength and improve your performance as well. It is also claimed that the magnesium chelate is more easily absorbed when compared to some other types.


The citrate is made by mixing creatine with citric acid. The citric acid gives this supplement a nice flavor. It is highly soluble, can dissolve faster in water, and just like the monohydrate, the citrate type is easily absorbed as well.

Ethyl Ester

There are two types of ethyl ester: the regular type and the malate type. The regular ethyl ester was believed to be better than many other types. It was even marketed as the best supplement you can find. However, further studies have counteracted these claims and have even proven that the ethyl ester increases the supplements levels in the blood. For this reason, we don’t recommend this type.

However, the ethyl ester malate is a much better option thanks to the addition of malate. Unlike its counterpart, this type is absorbed faster and easier by the body so it is worth trying.

You won’t find a better supplement to improve your muscle’s strength and increase its size than creatine. It also increases the levels of ATP in the body which improves your performance and gives you the energy to do short and intense exercise. This is the product to use to get to the shape and strength you desire. We have covered in this article different types so you can choose the right type for you.

If you haven’t tried this amazing supplementation before and are here because you are curious, you should consider giving this product a chance. In time, you will notice a significant change in your muscles, endurance, strength, and performance.

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