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Difference Between A Bong And A Bubbler Pipe


Have you ever wanted to buy one of the most used smoking paraphernalia? If you have tried to go to an online head shop already but been left overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options, you are at the right place.

While all of them have a specific use, some of them look like they are performing the same process but look different.

This confusion usually happens when it comes to bubbler pipe and bongs. You can decide which one you want to purchase only when you know the difference between them.

Structural Difference

The main difference that one can witness between both is that bongs tend to be longer than bubblers and often have multiple chambers, while the short ones will have a single chamber.

When their bowls are taken into account, the small bubblers have a small bowl according to their size, and the bongs will have a comparatively larger bowl to hold the amount of water needed for their size.

Functional Differences

  • Amount Of Smoke Production:

If you are a beginner, you should first try to practice with a bubbler as it will be easier for you to use and clean. The smoke from the bubbler comes quick as its neck is short and requires less inhaling capacity to drag. In a bong, the neck portion is the longest part; you need good inhaling practice to drag a good amount of smoke.

  • Filtration:

The main difference between bongs and bubblers is how they filter your smoke. Bubblers rely on water to filter out any particulates or unwanted flavors in your weed. This tool uses a pipe shaped like an upside-down U, with a chamber at either end filled with water.

Bongs come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re all designed to deliver a smooth hit. One of the reasons for this is the filtration method. A better filtration method results in reduced coughing and headaches, which are pretty common among first-time smokers.

  • Easy Smoking:

The key to a great hit is cooling the smoke as much as possible, and that’s what a bubbler does for you. It allows for a smoother and more buttery hit by cooling down the smoke as it passes through water.

Smoke passing through a bubbler is often warm, and might even cause irritation if you are a first-time user. But accessories like percolators can be used to give extra length to the neck, which will cool down to a great extent. Some models even display carb holes that allow for a cleaner and faster clearing of smoke.

  • Session time:

Bongs are an excellent option for groups who want to smoke together. The larger bowls make them ideal for sharing with friends or family, as you can load a bunch of herbs and get ready for a relaxing group session.

On the other hand, in a bubbler, the fire spreads slower, making it hold the stash longer. This can be helpful if you are smoking alone and vibing by yourself.


Both bongs and bubbler pipes have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. If you want a device you can carry around with you, you can opt for the latter, but if you want an enhanced smoking experience and only smoke at home, you may prefer the former.

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