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CrossFit News Round-up: Feb 19. 2013

CrossFit Games 2012

With the exponential growth of CrossFit over the last few years, there is undoubtedly more news about the sport popping up everyday.

Although, in the midst of all this CrossFit news there are just some stories that we are not able cover or get the time to report on.

So today, we thought we would provide you with a few links that made the news over the past few days.


1. Shape.comHow Bob Harper Got in the Best Shape of His Life

2. Charisma Magazine‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ Makes Self-Control Go Down

3. Clearwater PatchClearwater Firefighters Take Top Spot At Inaugural CrossFit Competition

4. NBC News9Lose it all with CrossFit (With Video)

5. Waynesville Daily GuideCrossFit: A different type of fitness facility


1. Xendurance — Winter Open in Tucson Arizona

2. CrossFit HQ — CrossFit – Neal Maddox is Ready

3. CrossFit — Meet Maggie Dabe

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