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CrossFit is so Vogue!

CrossFit Vogue India

Looks like CrossFit is becoming very “Vogue” at the moment. Vogue India just posted an article about CrossFit describing what it is and the“Pros” and “Cons” of the sport.

What I found interesting is the fact they are calling it Reebok CrossFit. This is the first time I have heard CrossFit being called Reebok CrossFit outside the Games events and specific Reebok CrossFit branded boxes.

Whether it is a typo, misunderstanding or something they know that I don’t, it was  probably one of the reasons why Reebok was so happy to sponsor the CrossFit Games. Now not only is Reebok being know for fitness apparel and clothing but for a specific sporting movement.

Check out the [article here]

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