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Cannabis-Related Cancer Treatments

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Cannabis or marijuana has always been considered a bad or addictive thing to discuss before it got legalized around the states.

People used to think of marijuana to be one like tobacco and can’t even think of using it for medical purposes until it has been legalized in many countries for medical reasons. Marijuana consumers do not inhale as much cannabis flower as tobacco consumers do with tobacco so there is no chance of lung cancer.

There are many places where marijuana has been considered to inhibit the growth of cancer cells if not cure the disease. It also helps to inhibit the effect of medication on cancer.

Many cancer patients have said to feel relaxed due to marijuana. It has reduced their pain and has soothed their nerves to a great extent. Marijuana is definitely not a medicine that will cure any disease but it definitely works like a pain killer with very few side effects to patients all around the world.

Cannabis and its legalization among some states


Now, this marijuana can only be taken by those patients where it is legal to consume marijuana for medical purposes or for the one who has a medical marijuana card to get access to good quality marijuana from any dispensaries. To ensure compliance with state law, purchase marijuana from dispensaries that have registered cannabis POS systems.

People in states like New Jersey, if they have made a medical marijuana card in New Jersey and also states like Michigan, they have Michigan medical card as well with them they can have high-quality marijuana anytime anywhere from any dispensaries available. The medical card in Michigan helps people above 21 years to have up to  2.5 ounces of marijuana in public.

Marijuana and Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is one of the solutions to cancer treatment. Chemotherapy helps to cure cancer and erase the cancerous cells from the root at times but the side effects that come with chemotherapy are sometimes unbearable and painful to even think of. There are different marijuana strains that help patients to get some relief from the pain and relax their bodies to fight back against the disease.

Marijuana is natural and herbal; it won’t harm the patient like the other allopathic medicines will do to the body. The symptoms and the effect of marijuana on them are as follows:

·        Tiredness

Chemotherapy patients feel extremely tired and irritated. They are unable to do normal basic stuff like walking, going to the washroom, getting up from bed, and sitting for a long period of time every little thing makes them exhausted. Some puffs of marijuana might help a patient increase his/her stamina and boost energy to work out the bare minimum.

It will also help one to do a little extra and be less thoughtful about their sickness.

Strains that might help:

o   Jack Herer

o   Super lemon haze

o   Strawberry cough

o   Sour Diesel

·        Nausea


One of the main effects of chemotherapy is being nauseous all the time. The body feels weak and one gets a feeling to puke every now and then with or without food. The nauseous feeling makes the patient uncomfortable and gives immense discomfort. This feeling might come after every chemotherapy session. The doctor might prescribe some medicines for it but marijuana can help to calm the senses and can distract you from feeling nauseous.

Strains that can be tried for this:

o   Lavender

o   Headband

o   Sour Diesel

o   OG Kush

o   Northern light

·        Depression and anxiety

Cancer leads to chronic depression and anxiety. Patients go through a lot of turmoil both physically and mentally during and after the treatment. So to get out of the mental illness that grows out of cancer can be resolved by some puff of hash. The THC in marijuana will help one to feel good and relaxed.

·        Loss of appetite and insomnia

As the patients feel nauseous due to the chemotherapy, which eventually leads to loss of appetite. Patients do not feel like eating but they need to keep their BMI normal in order to take medications properly. So, marijuana helps to get their metabolism in place.

Chemotherapy patients have a lot of pain throughout their bodies and also many discomforts do not allow them to get the proper sleep they need in order to let their body function properly. Marijuana helps them to get better sleep by relaxing their nerves.

Strains that can help:

o   Blue Dream

o   Banana OG

o   Skywalker OG

o   Amnesia Haze

o   Venom OG

Closing up 

Many cancer patients fear smoking marijuana as they think it will affect their lungs just like tobacco and will make them high which is totally a myth!

All marijuana does not make you high! There are some strains that have higher CBD in them than THC. The component, i.e, THC makes the consumer feel high. So, less concentration of THC and more CBD in it will help to have more therapeutic effects than just getting high.

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