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Building Strength at Home: Pull Up Bars & Other Fitness Gear

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You don’t have to want to be a bodybuilder to build muscle! There are many reasons that someone might want to boost their muscle mass, including improving bone density, boosting metabolism, improving joints, and boosting strength. MAGMA offers you all the basics for your home gym. Dumbbells for example can be incorporated into a wide variety of exercises in your workout.

Getting stronger can help you complete everyday tasks, such as carrying your groceries up the stairs, easier. It can also help you continue to improve your overall fitness levels, making other exercises such as yoga easier. 

Most people develop workouts that are a mix of cardio and strength training. If you are currently working out at home instead of at the gym, your cardio workout could be as simple as going for a run. You have to be well aware on how and when to use sleeves. But if you want to continue building your strength and are considering purchasing some new equipment to keep at your house, you’ll want to keep the following fitness gear in mind.


Dumbbells are a staple at any gym. And they should also be a staple at home if you’re primarily doing strength training at home. They come in a range of weights, starting at one pound and going up to 100 pounds, making them perfect for beginners that are starting to gradually build their strength. The countless ways they are able to be incorporated into a variety of workouts, such as bicep curls and push-ups, make them a must-have. 


Barbells are a must-have for those that want to take their strength training beyond the fixed weights of dumbbells. They allow for weighted plates to be slid onto the bar, allowing you to add more weight as needed. They can be used in a variety of exercises, such as back squats. The bar itself also has some weight to it. Beginners that need a lightweight alternative to a barbell might want to consider a body bar instead. 


Kettlebells can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never used them before, but if you figure out how to use them, you can get a quick cardio and strength workout. This equipment builds strength and endurance. As you swing the kettlebell around, your body has to work harder to stabilize. In addition to building your strength and endurance, it also helps you burn body fat. There are online videos that can help you learn how to use kettlebells. 

Pull up bars

For those with limited space, it is easy to install a pull up bar on a wall or a door frame. Pull up bars are great for those that are building upper-body strength. Depending on your hand placement and the exercise you choose to do, pull up bars will work muscles such as your triceps, biceps, and lats. And because you’re hanging and need to stabilize your body while moving upwards, you’re also working your core muscles. 

Medicine balls

Some people use medicine balls as a way to build core strength, but they can also be used to build upper-body strength. These balls are designed to be thrown and lifted. Moving them around in different directions involves multiple muscles. They also come in a variety of weights. Some people dislike medicine balls because they tend to bounce. If you are planning on throwing the ball around more than lifting, consider a slam ball instead. 

Stability balls

Stability balls are another way to build core strength. Exercises such as crunches and push-ups can be performed on a stability ball. When used correctly, a stability ball can boost your core strength. For example, when doing a crunch on a stability ball, the unstable surface means you work your abdominal muscles more than you would if you were performing crunches on a stable surface. Using a stability ball can also help you develop flexibility and a better sense of balance. 

Home gym machine

Depending on your budget and how much room you have at home, you could consider purchasing a home gym machine as a way to do a variety of total-body exercises. These machines are ideal for strength training and offer a compact design. Some people find them more convenient than having to have separate weight-lighting equipment. If you’re gearing up for some serious strength training and don’t want to go to the gym, this could be an ideal solution.  


Building strength at home doesn’t require you to have a ton of expensive equipment. Those with a larger budget might be able to invest in a home gym machine, but much of the other equipment here can be purchased at an affordable rate and can be incorporated into a variety of exercises.

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