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Blonyx Prize Winners Announed

Blonyx Supplements

Blonyx Supplements

It was just over a week ago we offered readers the chance to one of two Blonyx Prize Packs valued at over $140. On top of that we also had ten $20 coupons that you could use at Blonyx online store.

In order to enter we asked readers the following question:

Blonyx is about to announce the sponsorship of several new athletes. Leave us a comment below telling us who you think they should sponsor and why?

We got a great response with some fantastic answers. So today we are announcing the winners and they are as follows:

Blonyx Prize Pack Winners

Winner One: Jason Morrison

Jason stated, “It would be so easy to say Rich Froning or Iceland Annie. There are so many amazing athletes that would be deserving of a sponsorship that selecting a single one seems nearly impossible. If it were my decision, and this might be as obvious as Froning/Annie, but my selection would be Julie Foucher. Her drive and fight this year at the Games was really inspiring to watch. I wish there had been more in depth interviews with her about her training because I would like to know more about what all went into such an incredible athlete. Her athletic ability aside, she is also pursuing a great career which is also very demanding. I admire her positive outlook and how in the videos I have seen you can always count on seeing a smile. To me, she is quite the inspirational athlete and I look forward to seeing more from her in the coming year.

Winner Two: Nicholas Wheeler

Nicholas stated, “A few of my favorites have been mentioned already, Rudy from Outlaw & Ben Smith – but no one has mentioned the huge dark horse this year – Talayna Fortunato! Came to her first games and took THIRD! I’m sure she is ripe for sponsorship, and poised to do even better next year (you heard it here first!) That Fran-off between her and K. Clever was the highlight of the games for me!”

$20 Coupon Winners

Corey Blakemore

JA Cabello

Charles Widman

Corey Blakemore

Jay Thomas

Scott Acorn

Ryan Lang

Alex Rowan

Brett Woodward


(We entered Corey Blakemore’s name twice so the next winner $20 is Tim Donegan)

To claim your prize simply email

Remember we love running giveaways so check back soon as you never know when the next one will be.

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